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2018 has not proved a very pleasant year for the social media giant, Facebook
The bug was active for two weeks in September, but Facebook announced it on Friday only.
Facebook had been facing allegations of giving third parties access to the personal data of its users without their consent.
Failing to protect user data, Facebook was severely criticised worldwide. 
Facebook is also facing a potential $1.63 billion fine in Europe
Facebook is already facing scrutiny for allegedly leaking millions of users' data to Cambridge Analytica
We will never know if Cambridge Analytica actually stole data for the Congress Party
Governments, strategists and nationalists must be ready for this battle over opinions and ideas.
The grand old party of India, Congress, was also reportedly one of its clients.
Congress party's merciless clampdown on freedom of expression?
Of their three planks, Cambridge Analytica is severely handicapped in two: The message and the messenger
One wonders if Facebook will partner with right-wing websites to balance the ideological scale
The Congress had earlier denied any form of involvement with Cambridge Analytica
An interview, which if read in the Indian context, may as well give you sleepless nights
The numbers are much higher than the previously estimated 50 million
Open Magazine claims to be in possession of documents that suggest the same.
There is a good reason to believe that mainstream English newspapers in India keep masses uneducated. Most of it stems from bias. A lot has also to do because journos themselves are uneducated. They can’t speak or write on any subject coherently. At best they are quote-renters. At worse, remotely controlled by compromised bosses, politically aligned. The whiff of money and power also keeps them drugged. Look at the data issue currently clouding our mornings. Aadhaar, of course, is unpalatable to these journos. In the name of a data breach, for months at end, the mainstream media is trying to...
There seems to be some ambiguity on the use of psychoanalysis by the Congress social media team.
Is there is an urgent need to absolve Congress from its alleged link to Cambridge Analytica ?
Earlier, a Twitter user alleged that the app was sending personal data to a private company.
The Whistleblower has explicitly named the Congress party in his hearing

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