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The truth of the matter is that if India had to leapfrog into the 4th Industrial Revolution as it is doing today, then the journey would not have been possible without the kickstart of demonetization.
So let us again rewind the declared aims sought to be achieved and analyse each one independently.
The Modi government has given unprecedented push towards cashless economy
The decision by Visa will pave for faster adoption of digital mode in financial transactions
This discount has been offered by the Southern Railway
The step was disruptive and having far reaching impact. 8 months too short a period to pronounce judgments.
I have been using BHIM app since beginning, and I decided to write to top executives with a suggestion.
The idea might sound a bit far-fetched, but it can help achieve the objectives.
A look at the common barriers towards being cashless or less-cash economy.
Proposal to introduce withdrawal tax has been made many times, but will it prove to be effective?
The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry
Announcements include a lot of awards and discounts to encourage adoption of digital payments.
A Mumbai based NGO, Sukrta, tried to find out problems the poor are facing due to demonetisation.
IRCTC has been a success story in getting people adopt online transactions, another story is needed.
Curbing corruption and countering insurgency could appear as chief goals, but that’s not all.
Here's how you can go cashless with UPI payments: Noob to UPI Jedi in under 10 minutes

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