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Cellular Jail

Remembering Ganesh ‘Babarao’ Savarkar: The great soul who saw moksha in service of matribhoomi

Babarao was and is known for his revolutionary thinking and writing, exceptional political conscience, and indomitable devotion to freeing Bharat Mata from the clutches of anti-Hindu and anti-Indian bigots.

G-20 leaders start India visit by visiting cellular jail, the prison where Veer Savarkar spent a decade

It is notable that Vinayak Damodar Savarkar aka Veer Savarkar spent a decade of his life in this cellular jail prison during the British Raj.

Mount Harriet in Andaman renamed as Mount Manipur to pay tribute to Manipuri freedom fighters imprisoned in Kalapani

To pay tribute to Maharaja Kulachandra Singh and 22 were imprisoned in Cellular Jail, Mount Harriet in Andaman renamed as Mount Manipur

Read about the ‘mercy bond’ signed by PM Nehru to escape prison, even as Congress denigrates Veer Savarkar, tortured for 11 years in prison

When Jawaharlal Nehru was jailed in Nabha province, he had signed a bond pledging not to enter the state again to secure release

5 years ago, The Week published an article insulting, mocking, lying about Veer Savarkar, today they apologise: Read full details

After a lawsuit filed by Veer Sarvarkar's grand nephew, The Week apologises for a article on Sarvarkar published in 2016

How Motilal Nehru pulled a few strings and Jawaharlal Nehru signed a bond to get out of Nabha jail in just two weeks of...

One here needs to ask, how many top leaders of the Congress had to suffer such harsh punishments as Veer Savarkar did?

They may throw ink on Savarkar’s statue, but it is the Congress who has a tainted face

While top Congres leaders spent their so-called jail terms in posh guest houses, Savarkar was subjected to inhuman atrocities in Andaman.

Rs 75 commemorative coin to be issued on 75th anniversary of Tricolour hoisting by Netaji Bose

The coin will be a 35 gram metal alloy coin made of silver, copper, nickel and zinc.

Here are the 5 most popular lies that leftists peddle against Veer Savarkar

The hacks and compromised academicians would take recourse to five issues to revile the man

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