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They may throw ink on Savarkar’s statue, but it is the Congress who has a tainted face

It is fine that that congress wants to dedicate every credit to a family, but why should all that come on the cost of our great leaders who laid down their lives for Bharat Mata?

At a time when one of the topmost leaders of India’s grand old party is making nationwide headlines for running from law enforcement agencies like a petty criminal, another aspiring Congress member did what they are best at, maligning a nationalist icon. A group of NSUI activists led by their DUSU aspirant Akshay Lakra threw black ink the bust of Swatantray Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar outside the Arts Faculty of Delhi University last night.
Hatred for Veer Savarkar is not new for Congress. Jawaharlal Nehru put him in jail for false charges in the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. Later Savarkar was released when no evidence was found against him. Since then, except for a small period of time under Indira Gandhi, Congress has always tried to malign and defame Savarkar and neglected his glorious contribution to the independence struggle.
Savarkar can be in many ways, called the Father of Indian Independence Struggle. His book based on the struggle of 1857 named ‘The Indian War of Independence’ was banned even before publishing. The book was published in Holland and was smuggled to India by patriot youngsters. In India, the book became hugely popular in a very short span of time. He was a great writer & poet who inspired millions through his writings. Great revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, Madan Lal Dhingra and many more got motivated for the cause of independence after reading & listening to him.
It is said that Bhagat Singh even published his book & distributed 100s of its copies to his fellow revolutionaries. The famous jump by Savarkar on 9 July 1910 into the Mediterranean Sea is seen as an act of momentous courage and conviction. Had he knew french and could tell the French marine about him being a refugee before being arrested by the Britishers, many historians suggest, would have been a big defeat for the English govt. But the news of his courage reached India & inspired millions to fight for the cause.
During the period of his jail term at the Cellular Jail, Savarkar was subjected to the most rigorous punishment possible. He was kept in a solitary cell and was only brought outside for work. Such was the punishment that he and his brother who was in the same jail, could get to know of each other after almost 2 years! Later he was released only on the request of senior congress leaders like Vittalbhai Patel.
After independence too, the hatred for Savarkar in Nehru didn’t end. He arrested him on false allegations of links with Nathuram Godse. His family & residence was attacked by congressmen. He was subjected to the choicest of abuses. The hate didn’t stop there. Almost 50 years after his death, the Congress govt under Sonia Gandhi removed the plaque from Cellular Jail that was put in his honour. It could only be reinstated in 2015 when NDA under Narendra Modi came to power.
Why such hatred for a freedom fighter? Can anyone deny Savarkar’s contribution to the freedom struggle? While top Congres leaders spent their so-called jail terms in posh guest houses, he was subjected to inhuman atrocities in Andaman. The cell in which he lived is a testimony of his struggle & love for the motherland. His songs and poems still instil pride in the heart of every patriot. It is fine that that congress wants to dedicate every credit to a family, but why should all that come on the cost of our great leaders who laid down their lives for Bharat Mata? Nobody is denying credit to Nehru or Mahatma Gandhi or anyone else that they fought for freedom, but here was a man who spent all his youth in solitary confinement but still dreamt for an independent nation. Still, if you don’t wish to give him credit, fine. Don’t give. But don’t malign him.
Savarkar was a hero. Savarkar is a hero and will remain a hero, in the eyes of all citizens of this great country who feel proud to be called an Indian. A grateful nation will always remember him, through his works and his words.
जयोस्तुते ते श्रीमहन्मंगले शिवास्पदे शुभदे।
स्वतंत्रते भगवति त्वामहं यशोयुतां वंदे ||

Victory to You, O Most Auspicious One, O Abode of Sublimity and Eternal Delight! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you.

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