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child rape

For Mamata Banerjee, rape is rape only when it happens in UP: Protest march for Hathras, victim shaming for the minor girl in Bengal

"There was a love affair for sure, her family knew about it, and their neighbours also knew about it. Now if a girl and a boy love each other, I cannot punish them”, said the Bengal CM about the minor girl in Nadia who was allegedly raped and killed.

West Bengal: Shahar Ali rapes 11-year-old cousin of girlfriend in Basirhat, inserts sticks in victim’s private parts

Shahar Ali promised his girlfriend a smart phone and some money for arranging to bring her younger cousin to him

Hyderabad: Darul-Uloom teacher Shoeb Akhtar rapes a 10-year-old boy inside madarsa, arrested

25-year-old Shoeb Akhtar was sodomizing his minor boy student for over ten days in the Darul-Uloom Madarsa in Shastripuram, Hyderabad.

60 yo guy with a 12 yo saying ‘that is my wife’: US admin tries to monitor child brides being snuck in from Afghanistan

A leaked internal document has revealed that several old Afghan refugees have been entering the country with brides as young as 12 years old

Death anniversary of Alfred Kinsey: ‘Father of sexual revolution’ who claimed babies have orgasms, child rape benefits victims

Alfred Kinsey, hailed by a large section of Americans as the "father of sexual revolution", had died on 25 August 1956.

Karnataka: Madarsa teacher sent to 11 years of rigorous imprisonment for sodomising a minor boy in 2015

The victim was 13-years-old when the Madarsa teacher in Tumakuru in Karnataka sodomised him in 2015 in a hotel room

‘Bacha Bazi’: The rampant sexual exploitation of minor boys in Afghanistan and Pakistan

'Bacha Bazi' or using minor boys for sexual pleasure has been rampant in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Centre of learning or hub of sexual crimes? Exposing the dark side of religious institutions in Pakistan

Children sent to study come back with scars of sexual abuse and physical violence. Pakistan a UN Human Rights Council Member puts to shame the organization established to promote and protect Human Rights globally

Accused had strangulated 5-year-old Odisha girl when she resisted rape, had tried to rape her dead body: SIT

The skeletal remains of a 5-year-old girl were found inside a gunny bag 10 days after her abduction in July 2020.

Rajasthan: Minor girl gang-raped in Barmer, accused shot pictures and videos of the heinous act

A 15-year-old minor girl was kidnapped by bike-borne assailants in Rajasthan, who gang-raped her and filmed the heinous act

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