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Chinese Aggression

‘Misleading, malicious, and ill-motivated’: MHA rubbishes ‘journalist’ Sushant Singh over media reports on Chinese incursion threat list

The MHA on Monday called out 'journalist' Sushant Singh over a report shared on Chinese incursion threat list, calling it 'misleading, malicious, and ill-motivated'.

Satellite pictures show new military infrastructure being built in strategically important Myanmar-controlled Coco Islands, Chinese hand suspected

The images reveal that China might be rapidly expanding its military presence in the Myanmar-controlled Great Coco Islands.

China upset after India blocks Chinese apps and raids Huawei, says India damaging business interests of Chinese companies

India till date has banned around 321 Chinese apps since 2020. Initially India blocked 59 Chinese apps, then 47 and later around 118 apps citing concerns of data security of Indian users.

China intrudes into air defence zone of Taiwan with 39 aircraft, largest incursion since October 2021

Earlier in October last year, Taiwan informed that 148 Chinese aircraft entered the country's air defence zone in the Southern and southwestern sectors. The island nation had emphasised that about its resolve for peace but cautioned that it would defend in case of attacks.

Study panel of Nepal home ministry says that China is trying to grab land by building fences, roads and buildings inside Nepal

Nepal home ministry panel report states that China is violating the 1963 Boundary Protocol and steps should be taken to resolve the issue

Pervasive surveillance, indoctrination, and state repression: Tools employed by China against Tibet’s Buddhist monasteries

Under authoritarian leader Xi Jinping, China has displayed an eager alacrity to subjugate the Buddhist monks and nuns and seize control of the Tibetan monasteries

Nepali Youths protest outside the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu against Chinese construction on Nepali territory in Humla

China has reportedly constructed multiple buildings in the Humla region of Nepal and the Chinese troops are staying in them.

Hong Kong: Pro-democracy media leader Jimmy Lai arrested under China’s new ‘national security law’, may face a long prison sentence

Reportedly, Jimmy Lai may face a prison sentence from 10 years up to life, if found guilty of 'collusion with foreign forces' by the Chinese Communist regime.

Chinese govt jails two Tibetan musicians for composing song praising HH the Dalai Lama, arrests another for sharing it on social media

The two Tibetans, Tsetan and Tsego were sentenced to seven years and three years in prison respectively by a Chinese court.

How Jawaharlal Nehru missed an opportunity to take control of strategically important Coco Islands now under Chinese control: Read details

Nehru's lack of strategic comprehension and inability to bargain hard with the Britishers has resulted in India losing one of South Asia's most strategic islands - Coco Islands.

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