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Chinese virus

China records startling 13,000 covid deaths in a week between January 13 to January 19

As of January 12, China reported that approximately 60,000 individuals had died from Covid during the past month.

China: Workers leave the largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou to avoid Covid-19 restrictions, walk towards their homes in other cities

Workers of the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou that makes iPhones left the facility to escape severe Covid-19 restrictions

Wuhan lab-leak the likely origin of Covid, virus most likey engineered: Biologist tells UK parliament

Dr. Alina Chan claimed that a leak from a laboratory in the Wuhan region of China was more likely the origin of this global pandemic.

Forbes attributes conflicting captions to its Tweets on Pfizer vaccines efficacy against Delta variant of Covid-19, gets called out by Netizens

Forbes shared two reports on the efficacy of Pfizer vaccine on the Delta Variant on Twitter. The conflicting captions left Netizens baffled

Over 600 frontline workers in Thailand get infected despite being jabbed with China-made Covid vaccine Sinovac: Read details

After China made Sinovac failed to protect people from covid infection, Thailand contemplates giving a third booster dose of different make

Harsha Bhogle branded ‘Sanghi’ for calling SARS-COV-2 the ‘Chinese virus’, commentator defends himself: Here’s what he said

Harsha Bhogle earned brickbats on social media after he called SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, the 'Chinese Coronavirus'.

After Bahrain and UAE, Mongolia and Seychelles which relied on Chinese vaccines see a spike in Covid-19 cases

Fresh covid outbreaks in countries which have extensively used Chinese vaccines on a significant percentage of populations fuel doubt over efficacy of these vaccines.

Video evidence shows there were live bats in Wuhan lab, DRASTIC exposes Peter Daszak again

Video evidence of bats in cages at Wuhan lab emerges, further exposing scientists who had dismissed 'lab leak' theories as conspiracy.

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