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Mohammed Ammruddin caught smoking ‘beedi’ inside Indigo flight’s restroom, arrested at Mumbai airport

The accused Mohammed Ammruddin has been booked under Section 336 of the IPC and relevant sections of the Aircraft Act and sent to judicial custody.

Did you know: Nehru loved ‘555’ brand cigarettes so much that a special plane flew from Bhopal to Indore only to pick them up

Independent India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru did have expensive taste

PM Modi draws nation’s attention to the harmful effects of e-cigarettes in Mann ki Baat

PM Modi said that there is very little awareness of the harmful effects of e-cigarettes among the masses.

E-cigarettes: What are they, why they were banned, and why it is difficult to ban traditional cigarettes

Ban on e-cigarette is a welcome decision, but government will have a tough time explaining not banning cigarettes

Cigarette stocks rally about 5.5 per cent after cabinet’s decision to ban e-cigarettes

The Cabinet on Wednesday approved an ordinance making the production, import, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes a cognizable offence.

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