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Climate Change

Guyanese President shuts up BBC ‘journalist’, schools him for lecturing on climate change

Shakur tried to guilt-trip the Guyanese President over the recently discovered oil reserves in the country and questioned his commitment to attaining carbon neutrality.

Paris: Activists throw pumpkin soup at iconic Mona Lisa painting to save the planet

The Mona Lisa has endured various attempts at vandalism over the years

COP28 Dubai: PM Modi proposes to host COP33 in 2028 in India, underlines commitment to climate justice

PM Modi is attending the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

UN expert says jail sentences for ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters who disrupted traffic for 40 hours are against international law

The UN expert said handing out jail sentences to 'Just Stop Oil' protesters was a breach of international law.

Ireland: Farmers on streets as govt wants to kill 200,000 cows to meet ‘climate change goals’

Farmers in Ireland protest to save their cows from govt's plan aiming to kill 200,000 cows in three years

Spanish Minister Teresa Ribera criticised for hypocritical behaviour at Climate Summit, rides a bicycle to venue after travelling by private jet and cars

Spanish Minister arrives Climate Summit on bicycle after travelling by private jet and armoured cars, gets criticised for drama

Greta Thunberg trolled as her ‘end of humanity in next five years’ prediction made in 2018 crosses 5 years

In March this year, Thunberg deleted her old 2018 tweet where she had said humanity would go extinct by 2023 because of climate change. However, she failed to provide any explanation for deleting the tweet.

UK MP Nicholas Stern lavishes praises on PM Modi over India’s growth and development, lauds him for climate change action

Nicholas Stern lauded PM Modi over growth and development witnessed in India and his commitment to tackling climate change.

Belgian man commits suicide after Chatbot ‘Eliza’ encourages him to end his life to ‘save the planet’

Reports mention that the man's fears were fueled by his text exchanges with the AI chatbot Eliza, which made him more anxious and ultimately led to suicidal thoughts.

Greta Thunberg deletes a 2018 tweet that said humanity is going to be extinct by 2023 because of climate change

The article also which claimed end of humanity by 2023 is also deleted along with the entire website Gritpost.

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