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Climate Change

Climate activist sets himself on fire at the Laver Cup: Here are 5 occasions when climate protestors disrupted major sporting events in 2022

The disruptive protests by unruly climate activists are now increasingly drawing the ire of common people, including those who might have been sympathetic to the cause.

London: Extinction Rebellion activists enter Parliament, superglue themselves to the speaker’s chair and chain themselves to gates by necks

Extinction Rebellion activists entered Parliament building legally as tourists, and then started protests on climate crisis

Sadhguru’s Conscious Planet is not merely a movement, it is an urgent need of the hour to tackle Climate Change

The grim reality of Climate Change has made it incumbent on us to strive towards a more inhabitable and conscious planet

India, Russia block contentious proposal to take climate change to UNSC

Vetoing against the resolution, Russia said an attempt is being made to securitise climate change by including it in UNSC

Pakistan’s special friend Turkey takes offence at ‘special treatment’ for India at COP26: Here’s what happened

President of Turkey Erdogan was not happy with the 'special treatment' that was awarded to India at the COP26 in Glasgow.

Biden says Xi Jinping made ‘big mistake’ by skipping G20 and COP26, China hits back

“It’s just a gigantic issue. And they walked away,” said Biden at the closing conference in Glasgow.

‘Insulate Britain’ protestors stick their faces and hands on the road with superglue, some regret later: Read what it is all about

'Insulate Britain' protestors stuck themselves to the roads with superglue as police desperately struggled to remove them.

PM Modi announces National Hydrogen Mission: Here is how clean energy is produced through Hydrogen

During his independence day speech, Prime Minister Modi announced the National Hydrogen Mission in a push for India’s energy security.

Rising sea levels may submerge many Indian cities including Mumbai by 2100: NASA projections on climate panel report

As per NASA's analysis, 12 Indian cities - Kandla, Okha, Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Mormugao, Mangalore, Cochin, Paradip, Khidirpur, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, and Tuticorin are projected to witness a rise in sea levels leading to the submergence in low lying areas.

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