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Russia Ukraine conflict: CNN claims India is hurting US by helping Putin get richer. Here’s how it is wrong & sinister for so many...

While India's purchase of crude oil comes is far from hurting any economy and instead has stabilised the global economy in a volatile geopolitical environment, the United State's historical funding to Pakistan has come at a huge cost to India, its neighbourhood and human rights at large.

PIB debunks CNN’s fake news claiming slum demolition in Delhi prompted by G20 Summit, says encroachment removed as per SC orders

PIB debunked a CNN report claiming slums in Delhi are removed due to G20 Summit, clarified eviction taking place a different place as per SC order

US journalist Fareed Zakaria, whose father was a Congress minister, rants against Modi and India, cites debunked reports to lecture on ‘democracy’

India-born US journalist Fareed Zakaria urged Biden Administration to directly interfere in India's internal affairs

Former CNN producer John Griffin sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexually abusing a minor girl by paying her mother

According to the plea agreement, the ex-CNN producer contacted a woman on a website during the summer of 2020 and convinced her to bring her daughter to his home for sexual activity.

Andy Cohen accuses James Corden for ‘ripping off’ his ‘Watch What Happens Live’ set

As per a report by Deadline, Cohen started his show in July 2009 on Bravo where he has celebrity guests nightly. His set is made up of relics from popular culture and extras from the network's many programmes. 

‘Modi govt does not feel pressure’: Hardeep Singh Puri takes CNN journalist to cleaners after she tries to ‘guilt-trip’ India about Russian oil purchases

Hardeep Singh Puri told CNN, "We have 1.34 billion population and we have to ensure that they are supplied with energy."

CNN apologises after staff illegally covers crime scene of Thailand nursery massacre; gets criticised for violating journalism ethics

CNN journalists were denied entry into the daycare center but they managed to get the footage of the brutal massacre including blood stains inside the premises.

Former US President Donald Trump files defamation suit against CNN, asks for 475 million dollars in compensation

Former US President Donald Trump filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN, asking for 475 million dollars in compensation.

President of Iran refuses to speak to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour after she refused to wear a hijab for his interview

Interestingly, this decision by the Iranian president to cancel the interview comes at a time when Iran is seeing unprecedented protests against hijab in the country.

CNN President Jeff Zucker resigns over an ‘undisclosed consensual relationship’ with a colleague

According to reports, it is being alleged that Zucker had a secret relationship with Allison Gollust, the network's executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

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