Monday, August 15, 2022



CNN President Jeff Zucker resigns over an ‘undisclosed consensual relationship’ with a colleague

According to reports, it is being alleged that Zucker had a secret relationship with Allison Gollust, the network's executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

From mocking CNN to calling wokeness huge threat to modern civilisation: What Elon Musk told Babylon Bee

Besides CNN and wokeness, Musk spoke on over-taxation, Tesla stocks etc. during his interview with satire website Babylon Bee

CNN producer fantasised about sexual acts with fiancee’s teenage daughter, solicited her sexually explicit photos: Details

Project Veritas published graphic texts and videos in which a CNN producer fantasises about molesting his own fiancee's daughter

CNN producer who worked closely with Chris Cuomo arrested on allegations of raping minor girls, grooming them to be ‘sexually submissive’

CNN producer John Griffin, of Stamford, Connecticut has been accused of luring a woman and her nine-year-old daughter to his home in Vermont and 'training' her to be sexually submissive.

CNN fires Chris Cuomo for helping brother Andrew deal with sexual harassment scandal

Chris Cuomo is accused of using his journalist connections to get early access to the pending reports on allegations of sexual harassment against his brother Andrew Cuomo

CNN host Chris Cuomo used sources to help former NY governor Andrew Cuomo in sexual harassment case, documents reveal

Documents showed Chris Cuomo helped Andrew Cuomo in strategising statements to deal with sexual harassment accusations.

Cameraman who had worked with CNN, ABC, NBC arrested for threatening to kill Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz and his kids

Cameraman Eugene Huelsman had called office of Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz in January and threatened to kill him

64 crore vaccine doses: How western media outlets had fuelled doubts and suspicions over India’s vaccination campaign

Western media outlets have been casting aspersions over India's ability to successfully vaccinate its population against COVID-19

Hijab wearing CNN reporter describes Taliban terrorists chanting ‘Death to America’ as ‘friendly’

CNN reporter Clarissa Ward reported from Kabul, Afghanistan that she was told to stand to the side because she was a woman.

Did CNN praise Taliban for wearing masks during attacks in Afghanistan? Fact Check

The screenshot of an alleged CNN report has gone viral where the channel could be seen praising Taliban for "wearing masks".

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