Tuesday, August 3, 2021



CNN anchor Chris Cuomo apologises after reports that he advised his brother and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to deny sexual harassment allegations

CNN said that Chris Cuomo advising his brother and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was improper, but he won’t face any disciplinary action

CNN’s Jewish anchor interrupts Pakistan Foreign Minister, calls out his anti-Semitic statements on TV

CNN anchor Bianna Golodryga called out Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi over his anti-Semitic statements.

CNN fires Pakistan-based contributor Adeel Raja after anti-Semitic tweets generate backlash

Amidst ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, Adeel Raja had recently posted a tweet in which he said the world needs a another Hitler.

Pakistan based CNN contributor Adeel Raja says world needs another Hitler amidst Israel-Palestine conflict, has history of anti-Semitic tweets

Adeel Raja, freelance contributor at CNN, has said that the world needs a Hitler today amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict.

James O’Keefe to sue as Twitter suspends accounts days after Project Veritas exposed CNN Technical Director making shocking claims on video

Twitter has suspended the accounts of Project Veritas and their founder James O'Keefe after they exposed CNN and their propaganda campaign

CNN hoped for higher Covid-19 death toll, hyped pandemic deaths to improve ratings, technical director admits in Project Veritas leak

CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester went on five Tinder dates with a Project Veritas agent where he made the revelations.

CNN staffer reveals to Project Veritas spy how they ran pro-Biden propaganda to get Donald Trump out of office

CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester went on five Tinder dates with the Project Veritas spy where he ended up making the damning revelations.

Watch: Tucker Carlson asks CNN President Jeff Zucker to transition into a woman to fight toxic masculinity

"We agree, CNN is dominated by lots of dumb men," read the Fox News tucker during the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

CNN claims biological sex is a ‘disputed term’ and gender cannot be determined at birth, gets criticised on social media

CNN believes it is not possible to determine gender of a person at the time of birth. It has called the term biological sex as 'disputed'.

After sounding the alarm bells over Trump’s stumble, media gives Joe Biden a free pass over stairs fall: Here is how the coverage differed

Joe Biden stumbled and fell on the stairs while boarding Air Force One on Friday, raising further questions regarding his health.

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