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Rahul Gandhi and his brigade have been using the Rafale issue as a gizmo to defame the Prime Minister since the dog's age
Amit Shah has shown strong support to the Sabarimala devotees and had stated that BJP stands behind them like a rock.
Twitter is Congress President’s ready reckoner on #KnowYourLegacy
Party veterans like, senior Congress leaders Digvijay Singh, Kamal Nath dropped out from the list of members
Swamy said Congress has 'lost their balance"
Rahul Gandhi Defence League to the rescue!
Rahul's Presidentship is to be ratified at the plenary session
Important women centric bills are expected to be introduced in the Parliament in this winter session.
Twitter didn't waste any time in taking potshots
We live in interesting times to be able to witness the farce
Varun Gandhi would have been perfect as the Congress President
Rahul Gandhi will be a winner even if he loses
Pop historian Ram Guha has expressed his desire to see Nitish Kumar as the Congress President

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