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Conspiracy theory

Any machine with a chip can be hacked: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh peddles ‘EVM hack’ theory after BJP wins 3 State elections

Digvijaya Singh conveniently forgot that his party won the Telangana assembly election that was conducted through EVM.

Conduct one election on ballot paper: ‘Loudmouth’ Sena UBT leader Sanjay Raut casts aspersions on EVMs after BJP trumps 3 States

"We demand one election on the ballot paper, whether Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha. After that, there will be no scope for people to question EVM," Sanjay Raut claimed.

‘Sudhar Jao Yaar’: Mohammed Shami responds to bizarre claims made by Pakistanis about India’s World Cup performance

Mohammed Shami gave a befitting reply to controversies started by Pakistani cricketers to question the performance of Indian cricket team

Exclusive: WhatsApp group by Islamists used to coordinate attacks on Hindu-Muslim couples in the name of ‘Bhagwa love trap’, members also include Pakistanis

OpIndia has compiled a total of 50 cases where Hindu men and Muslim women were attacked by extremists under the pretext of the ‘Bhagwa love trap.’

BJP is planning to pull off another Pulwama-like ‘staged incident’: Mamata Banerjee peddles conspiracy theory, accuses BJP of defaming Bengal

"They are planning to create fake, staged videos like in movies. They will stage dramas, capture videos and will defame Bengal. This is their conspiracy," Mamata Banerjee brazened it out.

Meet Sajjad Nomani, Maulvi endangering Hindus in the name of mythical Bhagwa love trap: Tropes about Muslim women turning ‘infidel’, Quranic verses, RSS and...

"There is a concerted effort to entrap as many Muslim girls as possible, destroy their Faith, have 'fun' with them and then discard them," Sajjad Nomani claimed.

Moral policing, physical assaults and molestation in the name of imaginary ‘Bhagwa love trap’: Multiple cases where Islamists attack Hindu-Muslim couples

Multiple videos have now come to light where rabid Islamist mobs are seen openly harassing, abusing and manhandling inter-faith couples.

‘Atiq killed to divert attention from Satyapal Malik’s interview’, usual suspects float bizarre conspiracy theory

Atiq Ahmed, brother Ashraf Ahmed were killed by three assailants while they were being taken for medical at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh on April 15.

Islamists share fake letter attributed to RSS, claim Hindu outfit wants to ‘entrap’ Muslim women

AIMIM supporter Shahavaj Anjum Siddiquee was the reportedly the first to post the screenshots of the fake letter, attributed to the RSS.

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