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Conspiracy theory

Watch: Khargone locals chase away Congress delegation, shout ‘Digvijaya Singh Murdabad’ slogans for politicising last month’s anti-Hindu violence

A Congress delegation was chased away by the angry locals that accused the party of politicising the incident and defaming Khargone

‘Inaccurate, conspiracy theories’ – Wikipedia continues to attack the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri called out Wikipedia for continuous attack on The Kashmir Files

‘Hindu terror’ proponent Digvijaya Singh floats new conspiracy theory after stone pelting attacks on Hindu festivals

Digvijaya Singh accuses BJP of hiring poor Muslims to pelt stones on Hindu festivals, says the claim is not verified

Hindustan Times declares Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor ‘distinguished global leaders’, to ‘ideate’ on ‘New World Order’ in summit: Details

Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor have been dubbed "distinguished global leaders" by the Hindustan Times.

Conspiracy theory group claims US govt has replaced all birds with surveillance drones, asks Twitter to change its logo

Birds Aren't Real says every bird is a govt surveillance drone and every use of “bird” imagery is intentional pro-bird social programming

‘Travis Scott is a demon’: Conspiracy theories explode after stampede at rapper’s concert kills 8 people. Here’s a trip down the rabbit hole

8 people died and scores others were left injured during a stampede at the Astroworld Festival organised by rapper Travis Scott.

Pakistanis claim it was a ‘fixed match’ after India beat Afghanistan in T20 World Cup

'Intellectuals' in Pakistan are claiming that the match between India and Afghanistan was fixed.

Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee hangs himself in a Spanish jail, old tweets spark conspiracy theories

McAfee, in his earlier social media posts, had mentioned mysterious death in prison cell and the alleged "suicide" of Jeffery Epstein.

From ‘attacked by 5 people’ to ‘it was an accident’: How Mamata Banerjee did a U-turn and police report confirmed eyewitness account

Mamata Banerjee said that when she was sitting on the bonnet of her car, suddenly the car crushed her legs, injuring her

What is Blue Anon? A term for conspiracy theorists that was recently removed by Urban Dictionary from its platform

Blue Anon is term used to describe left wingers that peddle Trump-centric delusional conspiracy theories.

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