Topic: Conspiracy theory

The Delhi Chief Minister had claimed on Saturday that he might be assassinated by his PSOs like former PM Indira Gandhi.
Kejriwal said that the BJP might even get him killed and then justify it by giving the reason that some AAP supporter who was unhappy with Kejriwal did this.
According to conspiracy theories, corporate houses, lawyer activists are behind the allegations against CJI Gogoi
Real sniping is less about focusing on someone on the crosshair through the viewfinder, and more about understanding complex physics.
As per reports, MHA has verified with the SPG and there is no threat to Rahul Gandhi's life
Conspiracy theorists create a cloud of misinformation by throwing a bunch of claims at people, some half true, some false, some impossible to verify
Congress leaders and supporters have been trying to float the theory that the Pulwama attack was an inside job
Goa Congress has written to President Kovind claiming a threat to CM Parrikar's life.
Kumar Ketkar claimed Modi's ascendancy to power is a part of a wider global conspiracy.
Congress' obsession with the conspiracy theory of 'EVM hacking' continue
Many Congress leaders have been spreading paranoia over EVM hacking, though Election Commission has clarified many times why EVMs are safe.
The Railway Junction was renamed as a tribute to one of the tallest leaders of freedom movement.
Mamata Banerjee stated that there is a conspiracy to assassinate her.
A discreet inquiry by intelligence agencies has revealed it as per a Hindu Report
Is the Congress getting inspired by Mamata Banerjee after imitating Kejriwal?
The slow, painful death of decency and sensitivity in Indian media.
Tejashwi Yadav is undertaking a 'yatra' these days to 'expose' Nitish Kumar.
Dragging the judiciary down through the mud for petty political games is shameful, doing so with players who have no credibility, is worse.
A section of the 'intelligentsia' has been claiming that Judge Loya's death was not natural.
The family and representatives urged everyone to stop harassing them
The Congress seems to be contradicting itself in its reactions
PM Modi seems to be at the receiving end of a two pronged attack
The aftermath of the whole incident also raises some serious questions
Suspended party MLA Kapil Mishra made the claims on Twitter.
He has also in the past indulged in anti-India propaganda
The arguments being put forward by the Aam Aadmi Party is ludicrous and doesn't pass test of practicality.

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