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Centre’s flagship e-court project becomes complete as the Supreme Court joins the National Judicial Data Grid portal

The flagship e-Courts project completes full circle with Supreme Court of India onboarding the National Judicial Data Grid portal

Strikes by lawyers one of the reasons why courts are burdened with pending cases, Salman Khurshid seeks solution

Salman Khurshid, along with journalist Manoj Raghuvanshi, laboured through a grilling online RoundTable discussion on ‘Khul Ke’ last Sunday on the issue.

The Judicial Brief: The need for accountability and transparency in the judicial system and imperfections that must be addressed urgently

When judiciary is at the receiving end of mockery, it is a cause of concern. It is an indication that people’s trust in the institution is wavering.

SC sentences criminal to life imprisonment in a 2004 murder case, realizes he has already been released after serving 15 years in prison

Supreme Court convicted an accused in a murder case pending from the year 2004 only to realize that the lifer had already been released from jail in 2019

Pakistan: Lahore High Court acquits ‘convicted’ murderer brother of social media star Qandeel Baloch

Wasim was acquitted after his parents had pardoned him for killing his sister and the witnesses retracted their statements.

With Arnab Goswami facing multiple FIRs and remaining in jail, here is how the cases against some other journalists were handled by courts

While Arnab Goswami unable to get relief, several other journalists were granted instant relief by different courts of the country

Hathras Case: Victim’s family wants case transferred to outside of UP, Allahabad HC hearing adjourned till 2nd November

Allahabad HC hears Hathras Case, victim's family pleads to move hearing outside of UP.

How YS Jaganmohan Reddy held the Judiciary to ransom after a PIL was filed to ‘clean politics up’

Even before the debate on Justice Gogoi’s tenure settles, a fresh attempt to breach independence is seeming to blow from down south.

Unelected people think they can impose their will on the government through courts: Harish Salve

Harish Salve said that one may not agree with the judgment of the court but saying that the court does not stands with the people is wrong.

Congress just admitted in Court that the ‘investigation into Arnab Goswami’ is nothing but vendetta: Here is how

It comes as no surprise that the lawyer representing Raza Academy against journalist Arnab Goswami is senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal.

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