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AAP and Communist parties lose deposit in Karnataka elections, while AAP increases vote share, Communists slip further: Details

AAP had lost deposits on all 28 seats it contested in 2018 elections. In 2023 elections, it contested on 209 seats and lost deposits again.

Kavita Krishnan (she/her) leaves CPI(ML) posts: Here is why it was the right decision and how she can fashion herself to be India’s AOC

Going woke is better than going woke. Why do I say this? Well, The Hindu had shocking news. Kavita Krishnan (she/her) has been ‘relieved’ of her leadership role in CPI(ML).

Kavita Krishnan calls the Modi government ‘fascist’ after her party showed there is no tolerance for differences of opinion and harsher truths

Kavita Krishnan was relieved from the CPIML leadership after she spoke against the tyrannical socialist regimes.

Kavita Krishnan tweets about socialist regimes being autocratic, removed from primary membership by CPI(ML) after differences of opinion

CPI(ML) Liberation’s Polit Bureau member and a Central Committee member for more than two decades Kavita Krishnan has been relieved of all posts she held in the party

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu invokes ‘Hum Dekhenge’, the poem that was cited often during anti-CAA protests by Islamists

Navjot Singh Sidhu, senior leader of the Congress party, invoked the Islamist 'Hum Dekhenge' poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Pokhran Nuclear Tests: When Communists linked the test to Babri Masjid demolition and called the nuclear bomb a ‘Hindu bomb’

Communists in India, the CPI(M) and its ideological comrades, were not pleased with the Pokhran Nuclear Tests.

Columnist says he was removed from WhatsApp group by CPI-ML functionary after he said Ramayan has become the most viewed TV program

The columnist was ostracised from a WhatsApp group as he pointed out that Ramayan on Doordarshan had become the highest viewed TV program

Priyanka Gandhi’s aide Sandeep Singh manhandles ABP Ganga news reporter, threatens him with “Thok ke baja dunga”

Journalist Pandey made repeated entreaties to Priyanka Gandhi to intervene as her aide manhandled him but she turned a blind eye to his predicament.

Left Parties dissatisfied over distribution of seats in Bihar Mahagathbandhan, want to field Kanhaiya Kumar from Begusarai

The grand alliance formed in the name of 'saving the democracy' is struggling to form a consensus on the distribution of seats.

No urgent hearing of review petition: SC to Romila Thapar on Urban Naxal case

Romila Thapar had filed a petition seeking a review of the Supreme Court order of rejecting a SIT probe into the arrests of five alleged Urban Naxals.

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