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What India should watch out for if the Russia Vs Ukraine war breaks out with China overseeing the fiasco

India has long acknowledged Tibet as a part of Chinese territory. The policy has not changed even in the current dispensation.

As cryptocurrency exchanges up their PR campaign, NDTV deletes its ‘paid tweet’ encouraging people to leave their jobs to join crypto trading

NDTV drew backlash over a tweet wherein it urged people to leave their job and enlist themselves in full-time crypto trading

Mukesh Ambani lauds India’s effort to introduce data privacy and cryptocurrency bills, says the country is on the right track

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani has praised the efforts made by the Indian government to introduce data privacy and cryptocurrency bills

From finest pashmina shawls to Rahul Gandhi’s new gaffes to PM Modi’s oratory skills, what all to expect in winter session of Parliament

If allowed to function, parliament will present a good winter session which will commence from November 29 and will likely conclude on December 23.

Cryptocurrency and India: Busting the myths and conspiracy theories as Govt tables the Bill in winter session

India's plans to introduce digital currency is a force multiplier and will lead to regulated cryptocurrency markets

Govt to table bill on cryptocurrency, speculations over ban on ‘private cryptocurrencies’ cause dip in the market

GoI to introduce bill on cryptocurrency in winter session of the parliament.

OpIndia Explains: The virtual world of cryptocurrency and the challenges it poses for Indian govt

PM Modi on Saturday chaired a meeting on the way forward for managing the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector in the country

Islamic organisation from Indonesia declares cryptocurrency ‘Haraam’ under Sharia law

East Java branch of the Indonesia Islamic organisation Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) has deemed crypto Haraam under Islamic law (Sharia law)

The Neel Patel Saga: Over 500 people allegedly scammed of crores. What we know so far

In February 2021, OpIndia reported an alleged iPhone scam in which a person identified as Neel Patel, alias Hitesh Patel was involved.

AIMIM Twitter account hacked, poses as Elon Musk to talk about crypto currency

Replying to actual Elon Musk's tweet, AIMIM posing as Elon Musk (Ꭼꮮꮻɴ Ꮇꮜꮪꮶ) excitedly talked about crypto currency.

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