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Indian media spreads fake news that Indian Rupee was the worst-performing Asian currency in 2022, here is the truth

Indian media houses spread fake news claiming that Indian Rupee has ended the year as the worst-performing Asian currency

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wants pics of Hindu god and goddess on currency notes, upsets Muslim Twitter users

Arvind Kejriwal claimed that images of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi will bless the nation and help improving India's economy.

Nirmala Sitharaman said it’s not rupee sliding but dollar strengthening: Here’s what she meant and how she is right

Indian Finance Min Nirmala Sitharaman said that rupee is not sliding but the US dollar is strengthening. And she is right.

Netizens raise alarm after Twitter user claims Uber in Jammu shows Pakistani currency

One Twitter claimed that ride hailing service showed the amount in Pakistani currency PKR in Jammu

As Russia faces sanctions for invading Ukraine, its currency Ruble slips below 100 vs US dollar

Every day since the Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun, Ruble has fallen against the dollar and the Euro daily.

Far-left and Congress trolls display ignorance while targeting PM Modi, misinterpret data to claim Rupee weakening against Bangladeshi Taka

As the value of 1 Rupee is equal to 1.16 Bangladeshi Taka, trolls assumed Rupee is weak against Taka and targeted PM Modi

Fact Check: Is “Raam” with the photo of Lord Ram printed on it is the world’s most expensive currency

As Raam is not a legal tender issued by a sovereign state or a central bank, it is not a regular currency, it is actually a bearer bond

TV channel claims Modi govt is going to rain money from the sky, netizens outrage, clarification issued by PIB

Helicopter Money is an alternative to quantitative easing. This is an unconventional monetary policy tool aimed at bringing a slowing economy back on track. It involves printing large sums of money and distributing it to the public.

Delhi Airport: Foreign currency worth Rs 45 lakhs stuffed in peanuts, meatballs seized by CISF

CISF caught Murad Alam from Delhi Airport who had stuffed foreign currency in peanuts, meatballs, biscuit packets

Watch: Bundles of currency were showered from building during DRI raid in Kolkata

Officials from the DRI said a search in a private office of Hoque Merchantile Pvt Ltd, on that floor, was underway when the incident occurred.

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