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Dawood Ibrahim aide Chhota Shakeel confirms the gangster is ‘alive and healthy, met him multiple times yesterday’: Report

"Dawood is alive and healthy. Even I was shocked to see this fake news. I met him multiple times yesterday," the gangster told News18.

Promoters of the Mahadev Betting app had links with Dawood Ibrahim’s D-company: Enforcement Directorate 

Mustaqeem Ali Kaskar got in touch with Sourabh Chandrakar after the success of Mahadev online betting app, as per reports.

Evidence suggests Nawab Malik colluded with the D-gang to usurp Kurla property: PMLA court

PMLA court said that prima facie evidence has been found suggesting that Nawab malik was directly and knowingly involved in money laundering and criminal conspiracy with D-Gang members to usurp the Goawala compound in Kurla

‘Like Mahabharat, D-company also has several characters’: Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘D Company’ set to be yet another movie glorifying a terrorist?

Ram Gopal Verma's D Company is just one amongst the recent crop of Bollywood films taking inspiration from Dawood Ibrahim

India cites Pakistani patronage to Dawood Ibrahim’s D-company in a fresh FATF appeal at the UNSC

India raises the issue of Pakistan shielding D-Company boss Dawood Ibrahim at the United Nations Security Council

Investigation into fake currency racket reveals nexus between D-Company and Pakistan embassy

Pakistan's ISI have been printing Rs 2,000 notes at a secret facility in Pakistan, the D-Company is reportedly one of the distributors smuggling it in from Nepal

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