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Priyanka Gandhi apparently is proving a disaster as Congress general secretary in-charge for east Uttar Pradesh
On Thursday evening, the girl's headless body was found lying in an agricultural field close to her village. Her severed head was found some distance away.
Ajaz Ashraf of The Caravan wrote a morbid report where had conducted a 'caste analysis' of our martyred soldiers
With Rahul Gandhi appointing his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as Uttar Pradesh East in-charge, Congress takes another step in the hope to consolidate upper-caste votes
Arun Shourie was one of the attendees at the United India rally organized by the Trinamool Congress at Kolkata. The event was also attended by Jignes Mevani, a Dalit 'leader'.
The current 10% reservation introduced by Modi govt, granted by the 124th Constitutional Amendment Bill would not breach the 50% reservation limit set by the Indra Sawhney judgement
Today, several reports have suggested that the Modi government is all set to approve a 10% reservation for the economically backward sections of the society.
A special team of Maharashtra Police has been investigating the Elgar Parishad and the persons behind the violence that took place last year.
A worker of Gorakhnath Temple called Shravan invited Rahul Kanwal to visit the temple before making wild accusations
This is only the latest reason to conclude that every purported liberal principle in India lies stretched out at the feet of the Congress Party.
The Dalits and Tribals were forced to toil for 19 hours a day with no wages.
In the coming months, we can certainly expect several comments from SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav and BSP supremo Mayawati against Rahul Gandhi and Congress' overall strategy to consolidate upper caste votes.
"Smash Brahminical Patriarchy" is a product of the abyss called Postmodernism and at its core, Postmodernism is just communism on steroids.
The Christian preachers are targeting Dalits and people from backward communities for religious conversions
Calling Congress arrogant, Mayawati said that Congress in a bad shape
The girl's mother petrified to stay in the Muslim dominated area said that they would leave the area once her daughter was traced
The accused reportedly even bosted to the victim's brother
Yogi Adityanath also attacked Congress President Rahul Gandhi for his temple-run streak.
Rahul Gandhi had shared a video on social media which revealed the identity of minors
A group of neighbours reportedly set the poor Dalit family on fire in Bihar's Katihar
Prime Minister Modi accused Congress of having no heart for Dalits.
Eight have already been arrested by the police in connection with the incident.
The circular was issued in light of an incident where a marriage procession of a Dalit youth was allegedly disrupted
Leaders belonging to the BJP, JD(U) and the LJP have made this demand
The establishment that supports Rahul Gandhi would be silly to want this country to progress
Earlier a former BSP MLA was arrested for inciting violence
BR Ambedkar didn't buy the Aryan Invasion Theory
Violent protests took place across India after Supreme Court sought to put a curb on its misuse
The expelled JDU leader feels that there is a need for 'Harijanistan'

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