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Exclusive: ‘Dalit’ Christian employee of Loyola College alleges caste discrimination, sexual harassment and more, names principal in scandal

Founded in 1925 by a French Jesuit priest, Loyola College is a Christian university, run by the Society of Jesus in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Uttar Pradesh: Police arrest Faisal, Shohil and Salman for beating a middle-aged Dalit man to death after he opposed molestation of a girl

Faisal, Shohil and Salman beat up Dalit middle-aged man Raju to death after he opposed molestation of a girl by the trio

Lucknow: No casteist angle in the Zomato delivery executive ‘assault’ incident as reported by media, here is what we know

The customer, Ajay Singh, himself belongs to the OBC (Other Backward Castes) category and hence the question of caste discrimination does not arise.

‘Activist’ claims Dalit youth was tied to a tree and beaten in a case of caste discrimination in Andhra Pradesh: What really happened

The attempt by Suraj Kumar Bauddh to twist a case of personal enmity and theft into a crime, influenced by the caste of the victim, was thus debunked by the Andhra Pradesh police.

Punjab: Jats tie Dalit man to a tree for objecting to loud music, villagers deny caste angle, call it personal feud

In Punjab's Uddat Bhagatram village, a Dalit man was tied to a tree over a feud with a local Jat man.

Madhya Pradesh: Bulldozer runs on illegal houses of Farhan, Junaid, Sohail, and others who attacked a Dalit groom’s wedding procession

The Rajgarh district authorities carried out anti-encroachment drive in Jirapur Mataji and razed down illegal homes after a mob attacked baraat of a Dalit

Madhya Pradesh: Muslim mob pelts stones, assaults people in a wedding procession of Dalit groom, 5-year-old girl critical

In Madhya Pradesh's Rajgarh, a Muslim mob attacked a Dalit man's wedding procession soon after it passed through the road near their mosque.

Bhima Koregaon violence: Maharashtra police drops Hindu activist Sambhaji Bhide’s name as there is no evidence against him

Hindutva activist Sambhaji Bhide, the founder of Shiv Pratishthan Hindustan, has been discharged from the Bhima Koregaon case

From inciting Dalits to take up violence to questioning the existence of Lord Ram: 5 things Rahul Gandhi spoke at book launch event

Inciting Dalits to violence, Rahul Gandhi said had he been in their place, he would have picked up knife and attacked his tormentor

Saas-Bahu and Saajish? Indira Gandhi’s daughter in law had published explicit sexual photos in her magazine to target political rival Jagjivan Ram

Jagjivan Ram had to shoulder the weight of the sex scandal involving his son, and as a result, had to to drop out from the race for Janata Dal leadership.

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