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Congress gives Bharuch and Bhavnagar seats in Gujarat to AAP despite opposition from local leaders: Read what could be reasons

The Congress will contest in 24 out of the total 26 seats in Gujarat. The remaining two seats will see AAP candidates, Bharuch and Bhavnagar

Vadodara: Muslim mob pelt stones on Hindus for seeking action against a Muslim Instagram user over comments hurting religious feelings of a Hindu businessman

A Muslim mob of 100 to 200 allegedly attacked a group of Hindu youths who went to file a complaint at the Navapura Police Station against a Muslim youth for making abusive and hateful remarks against a Hindu businessman during his Instagram Live

Kanhaiya Lal-like attack in Bhavnagar: Hindu tailor alleges police not adding Hanuman Chalisa angle and pressurising to change statement, police say accused being released

According to the victim, even though he gave all the details to the police, the Hanuman Chalisa angle was not mentioned in the FIR and the complaint was not even read to him. Later, when he was taken to the district police chief's office, he alleges that he was not heard there either. 

Kanhaiya Lal-like murder attempt in Bhavnagar: Sahil, Shaukat and Munna attack a Hindu tailor, victim says targeted for playing Hanuman Chalisa

A Kanhaiya Lal-like murder attempt was reported in Gujarat's Bhavnagar where a Hindu tailor was attacked, allegedly for playing Hanuman Chalisa.

Gujarat: Farooq Pathan of Kheda tries to behead a Hindu woman for refusing his proposal, case filed against the absconding accused

Farooq Pathan threatened to kidnap the victim's son on his way to school and kill him, as well as the entire family.

‘BJP got 10 lakhs votes less than Congress in 5 states, then why did Congress lose’: Ultra Pro Max analysis by ‘journalist’ Hari Desai,...

Gujarat's "Journalist," Senior Dr. Hari Desai posted a YouTube video in which he questioned the results of recently conducted elections.

Politicians and activists spread fake news by Indian Express claiming that a Dalit ration shopkeeper is facing discrimination in Gujarat: Here are the facts

According to the media and social media, a ration shopkeeper in Gujarat was boycotted because he is a Dalit. But the reality is somewhat different.

Gujarat emerges victorious against Cyclone Biparjoy, timely planning and swift action lead to minimal damage

Natural disasters cannot be prevented, but they can be dealt with firmly by planning against them. The Government of Gujarat did not make any shortcomings in the advance planning to fight this cyclone.

Suspicions of a planned attack, a suspicious bike collision, women shielding stone pelting Islamists: What Bajrang Dal Hindu said about Vadodara Ram Navami attack

Suspecting that the attack was pre-planned, Bajrang Dal leader Ketan Trivedi said that when the Ram Navami procession was passing through the area, suddenly a Muslim man brought a bike without a number plate and hit a car involved in the procession.

Locals protest against illegal church in Gujarat’s Valsad village, had earlier alleged forced religious conversion

Local residents of Karpada village in Valsad, Gujarat, have also questioned the funding received for construction of the church.

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