Friday, September 22, 2023
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Gujarat emerges victorious against Cyclone Biparjoy, timely planning and swift action lead to minimal damage

Natural disasters cannot be prevented, but they can be dealt with firmly by planning against them. The Government of Gujarat did not make any shortcomings in the advance planning to fight this cyclone.

Suspicions of a planned attack, a suspicious bike collision, women shielding stone pelting Islamists: What Bajrang Dal Hindu said about Vadodara Ram Navami attack

Suspecting that the attack was pre-planned, Bajrang Dal leader Ketan Trivedi said that when the Ram Navami procession was passing through the area, suddenly a Muslim man brought a bike without a number plate and hit a car involved in the procession.

Locals protest against illegal church in Gujarat’s Valsad village, had earlier alleged forced religious conversion

Local residents of Karpada village in Valsad, Gujarat, have also questioned the funding received for construction of the church.

Even in the midst of the BJP wave, who could be the 13 per cent voters in Gujarat that voted for AAP? An analysis

Although AAP won only 5 seats in Gujarat despite high volume campaign, it won 13% vote share and became a national party

Gujarat: AAP to form a government only on social media? Even ‘hopeful’ seats are expected to slip away

All the important seats of the Aam Aadmi Party were in Saurashtra and South Gujarat, on which voting was held on December 1.

Will Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM get support in Muslim majority seats of Surat? Here is an OpIndia Ground Report

OpIndia obtained details from the ground to know how AIMIM is performing in both the seats of Surat and especially among Muslim voters.

Morbi tragedy: Did the bridge collapse because of overcapacity? Or were there other reasons? Here is what experts say

OpIndia reached out to experts in engineering to understand what could have gone wrong and led to the tragedy at Morbi

Gujarat: Ancient Hindu temple in Tapi demolished to build a Church, Hindus prohibited from offering prayers

Around 98 percent of the people in this village in the Tapi district have become Christians and Hindus have been reduced to a minority.

Gujarat: BJP leader threatened with ‘Kanhaiya Lal like fate’ by one Abdul for condemning his killing, police initiates investigation

BJP leader Nileshsinh Jadav had demanded strictest punishment for the killers of Kanhaiya Lal that seems to have triggered Facebook user Abul Subur Choudhary

Gujarat: Vir Das shows get cancelled across the state after protests; the ‘comedian’ comes down with COVID hours later

Hours after protests, Vir Das tweeted to inform that he is showing symptoms of COVID and shows are cancelled.

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