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Data security

31 legislations on government’s agenda for the monsoon session of parliament including data protection bill and NCT Govt amendment bill replacing the ordinance

Data Protection Bill among 31 legislations on government's agenda for monsoon session of Parliament

‘She’ and ‘her’ replace ‘he’ and ‘him’ in the draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill brought by the Ministry of Electronics and IT

The Bill does not seek to regulate non-personal data and the Union government is expecting to present it in the Parliament in the next budget session.

Chinese app TikTok may be fined to the tune of $29 million for not protecting the privacy of children. Here is what we know...

The provisional findings against TikTok came a year after Britain introduced the Children's Code, a data protection code of practice for online services accessed by children.

WhatsApp moves to Delhi HC against Indian govt’s new IT rules, claims it will harm privacy protection policies

WhatsApp has filed a petition against the Government of India on May 25 in the Delhi High Court protesting against the new IT rules that require "significant social media intermediaries" like WhatsApp to trace the original senders of particular messages.

Competition Commission of India orders probe into new privacy policy of WhatsApp, says it is ‘abuse of dominance’

The Commission has directed the Director General to initiate a probe against WhatsApp under Section 26(1) of Competition Act

WhatsApp says users not accepting the new privacy policy will start to lose access from May 15: Report

In case users do not comply with Whatsapp's new policies, for a short duration they would be able to receive calls and notification, but they won't be able to read or send messages from the app from May 15 onwards.

Exclusive: Congress puts personal data of thousands of its supporters at risk, massive security loophole found on its website

A website launched by Congress to solicit applications to become its ‘social media warrior’ is leaking their data.

After praising India’s TikTok ban, Mike Pompeo says the USA may also ban Chinese social media apps

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has stated that his country is also exploring options to ban Chinese apps, including TikTok that threat data security.

TikTok is secretly accessing your iPhone’s clipboard: Report raises massive security concern about Chinese app snooping on users

Forbes noted that while TikTok had vowed to put an end to this 'invasive practice,' but it continued unabated as late as April.

Centre formulates protocols for Aarogya Setu App’s data management, uses will be able to request deletion of their data

The protocol ensures that it will not share the Aarogya Setu data with any third party until it is extremely necessary to formulate or implement health responses.

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