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Debt trap

Nepal caught in China’s debt trap over Pokhara airport deal: Report

Nepal is the latest victim of China's debt trap policy as it finds itself entangled in significant debt over the Pokhara airport deal.

China is ruining the economy of poor countries like Pakistan through its debt trap: Here is how

China has refuted the allegations and claimed to help developing nations 'overcome difficulties.' Its Foreign Ministry has said that it offers extended loan maturities and emergency loans to such 'poor nations.'

Chinese debt trap: World Bank president expresses concerns over Beijing’s loans to developing countries

The World Bank president David Malpass sounded alarm over burgeoning Chinese loans to developing economies.

Indian High Comission in Colombo slams China for false insinuation about bullying, interfering in Sri Lankan affairs. Read details

Qi Zhenhong alleged that the decision by the island nation to allow Yuan Wang 5 to berth at the Hambantota port was its sovereign decision.

Rahul Gandhi hails China’s Belt and Road Initiative and debt traps as ‘prosperity’, says India-US relations need similar plans

Rahul Gandhi hailed the Chinese debt trap diplomacy and said the India-US relations need a similar plans.

China’s plans to undermine sovereignty of nation-States through its ‘debt trap’ policy is beginning to backfire: Report

One Road One Belt (OBOR) has been dubbed as the 'project of the century' by Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

China’s debt-trap diplomacy? BRI participant countries owe over 385 billion USD to China in hidden debt, study reveals

China has been using "debt-trap diplomacy" to wield outsize influence on borrowing countries and coerce them into coughing up physical and illegal assets.

42 bonded labourers, including 16 children, rescued from two locations in Tamil Nadu

They were forced into bonded labour to repay the money that they had borrowed

Punjab to get fleet of 400 new luxury cars while reeling under debt of Rs 1.87 lakh crores

The decision to buy new vehicles, which will be worth Rs 80 crores will be an added burden on the Punjab government

Debt ridden Pakistan cuts CPEC project investment by USD 2 billion

The Karachi Peshawar railway line project is one of the biggest projects of CPEC.

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