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Delhi Riots Chargesheet

Meet Aasif Mujtaba, named by Sharjeel Imam as co-conspirator, who raised millions for illegal Rohingya through NGO formed right after Delhi anti-Hindu Riots

Aasif Mujtaba is the founder of Miles2Smile, an NGO, who is connected to Sharjeel Imam and named as a co-conspirator by him in Delhi anti-Hindu riots

Delhi anti-Hindu riot: Prashant Bhushan hosted the earliest conspiracy meeting with Umar Khalid, Sharjeel Imam and Yogendra Yadav in attendance. Read details

Prashant Bhushan hosted a meeting on 8th December 2019 - a meeting in which Delhi anti-Hindu Riots conspiracy was hatched

Arshad Warsi, arrested in ISIS Pune module case for planning a terror attack, was also named in Delhi anti-Hindu riots case with Sharjeel Imam:...

Mohammad Arshad Warsi involved in the ISIS Pune module was also in contact with the conspirators of the anti-Hindu Delhi riots of 2020

Delhi Riots: Courts convict a Hindu, bail 6 Muslims and acquit 9 based on different interpretations of the same law. Miscarriage of justice?

Delhi Court gave 'benefit of the doubt' to 9 Muslim accused in the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots and acquitted them

Breaking down report on Delhi riots by Justice Lokur, others: Whitewashing of anti-Hindu roots of violence, cherry-picking facts to suit a dangerous narrative

"Citizen's report" released by a committee headed by retired Justice Madan B Lokur whitewashes the Delhi anti-Hindu riots

‘Let go off now, it’s been 2 years since the Delhi riots’: Locals fight shy of talking about victims Dilbar Negi, Ankit Sharma; family,...

Ankit Sharma and Dilbar Negi were murdered in two separate incidents during the horrifying anti-Hindu riots that took place in Delhi in 2020

Lawyer of Delhi riots accused wants screenshots of WhatsApp chats that implicate Umar Khalid and others deleted

Khalid Saifi's lawyer Rebecca John has asked the Delhi court to order LawBeat, an Indian legal news portal, to take down Tweets regarding Umar Khalid's yesterday's bail hearing

‘Blood has to be shed, ready to ignite fire’, prosecutors provide WhatsApp chats as more evidence to oppose Umar Khalid’s bail plea

Opposing the bail plea of Umar Khalid, prosecutors said that lathis and red chili are not used in peaceful protests

‘Umar Khalid was remotely supervising the Delhi riots like 9/11 conspirators,’ prosecutors cite US terror attack to oppose Khalid’s bail plea

Delhi police opposed bail application of Umar Khalid by drawing parallels between Delhi riots and 9/11 terror attacks in the USA

Delhi HC grants bail to Tahir, Shahrukh, Faizal and 3 others who had brutally murdered Dilbar Negi during anti-Hindu riots

Negi's hands and feet were chopped off and he was burnt inside the sweet shop where he worked.

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