Wednesday, July 28, 2021


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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment, sixth woman comes forward

The victim, a member of the Executive Chamber staff, alleged that Cuomo had sexually assaulted her after inviting her to the governor's mansion on work. The aide said that Cuomo touched her inappropriately late last year.

What is Blue Anon? A term for conspiracy theorists that was recently removed by Urban Dictionary from its platform

Blue Anon is term used to describe left wingers that peddle Trump-centric delusional conspiracy theories.

Muslim supporters forget and forgive Biden administration for bombings in Syria as ‘Hijabi’ woman addressed press conference at the White House

Sameera Fazili, the Deputy Director of National Economic Council in Biden admin, addressed White House press briefing in a Hijab

‘Our beautiful movement has only just begun’: Donald Trump indicates he will not quit politics as liberals suffer meltdown after impeachment acquittal

Donald Trump was acquitted by the US Senate with Democrats failing to secure the 67 requisite votes on Saturday.

‘This is Tulsi Gabbard’: Former US Congresswoman announces the launch of her podcast

On the 22nd of January, she released a video on YouTube announcing that 'This is Tulsi Gabbard' will be launched soon.

Bernie Sanders and his mittens during Biden inauguration trigger a meme fest on social media. Details

The US Senator from Vermont was spotted at the venue wearing parka and a pair of very homely looking mittens at the high profile event.

Force the Vote: The churn within the Democratic Party, the ‘Fraud Squad’ and the plank for ‘Medicare for All’ that appears abandoned

Progressives within the party want to move the Democratic Party more and more to the left of the political spectrum.

Democrats and the Biden administration are planning to unleash a new ‘War on Terror’ on Trump supporters: Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald, an independent journalist of notable repute, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

Humiliation porn by Democrats: The devastating consequences, and why the impeachment bid against Trump may backfire

Democrats want to impeach incumbent US President Donald Trump a second time after the events at Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

The Trumpian Reckoning: Trump presidency ends in fire and blood, what it means for the Republican party and the future ahead

The events at Capitol Hill will have great ramifications for US politics for a great time to come and for Republicans especially.

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