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USA: Pramila Jayapal apologises for calling Israel a ‘racist’ state, after House Democrats distance themselves from her statement

Jayapal's posted her statement on Twitter and said that she was attempting to "defuse a tense situation" and offered her "apologies to those who I have hurt with my words."

As George Soros, who wanted to bring Modi down, hands over his reigns to his son, read who is his ‘more political’ heir, Alex...

Alex Soros yields considerable influence in the White House and has met Biden administration officials, top Democrat leaders and even Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

Democratic party unit in New Jersey condemns anti-Hindu resolution by other arm TDMC labelling many Hindu orgs as ‘foreign hate groups’: Details

New Jersey Democratic State Committee has condemned the anti-Hindu resolution passed by the Teaneck Democrats

Democratic party unit in New Jersey displays open Hinduphobia, seeks FBI and CIA probe against Hindu organisations calling them “hate groups”

Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee demands FBI and CIA probe into American branches of Hindu groups

Former NYPD Commissioner says Democrats may attempt Donald Trump’s assassination to stop him from running in 2024

Following the raid on Trump's residence, former NYPD Commissioner said it was part of the attempts Democrats are making to stop Trump from contesting in 2024

US ‘liberals’ attack comedian Trevor Noah for seeking accountability from the Democrats: Details

"Make the Democrats show you what they’ve done, and then you donate to their cause,” Trevor Noah sought accountability from the party.

Bill to combat ‘Islamophobia’ introduced in the US House of Representatives by Ilhan Omar. Here is why

Vote on Ilhan Omar's bill on Islamophobia to take place in US House of Representatives after comments against her by Lauren Boebert

US: Anti-Israel Democrat running for Congress gets fooled by parody account, jumps in to host a fake fundraiser in Gaza

Known for her anti-Israel activism, the Democrat hoped to join hands with a parody handle claiming to be an 'anti-Zionist' Gaza-based Rabbi to benefit her election campaign.

After Elon Musk decides to sell 10% Tesla shares based on Twitter poll, this is his reply to US senator who objected to it

Musk's hilarious comment to US senator Ron Wyden has received over 12 thousand RTs and over 67 thousand likes.

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