Topic: demographic shift

The pre-poll understanding between the Congress and the AIUDF has been common knowledge for some time now. Badruddin Ajmal had stated recently that his party will contest elections from only 3 seats in Assam to prevent 'division of secular votes' in the elections. A faction within Congress, despite claiming no alliance, is believed to be in secret negotiations with Ajmal.
Mamata Banerjee has been vocally critical of the BJP led central government over the NRC final draft publication in the state of Assam
The NRC is being implemented in Assam as a method to identify citizens and illegal immigrants.
Muslims in the area are rapidly abandoning their Rajasthani culture and embracing Arab influence.
Against the expected 25,000 crores, the Roshni Act has managed to raise only 78.4 crores for the state government.
The Indian government needs to do something urgently to put an end to the menace of Christian evangelism and safeguard the nation from the perils of demographic instability.
It is preposterous to think there is a possibility of anything good coming of the proposed population control law.
The security agencies had warned the center and the state governments of a possible mass movement of Rohingyas from the northeastern states.
The Hindu Civilization is the last great pagan civilization in History and the most ancient civilization alive
General Bipin Rawat spoke of the role of Pakistan and China behind illegal immigration into India

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