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Demography change in India

Gujarat: Hindus demand implementation of Disturbed Areas Act in Bhavnagar to prevent demography change

The local Hindus allege that some people belonging to Muslim community have purchased houses in these areas initially at a very high rate and then once the prices of the areas fell, they have usurped remaining houses owned by Hindu residents are very low prices.

Bangladeshi infiltrators altering the demography of Bihar’s border districts, Hindus turning into minorities: report

Dominance of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators in the Seemanchal region in Bihar has compelled the local Hindus to migrate to other areas

116 Villages along Nepal border are now ‘Muslim majority’, madrasas and mosques mushrooming everywhere: Report

Assam and UP have recommended to increase BSF's jurisdiction from 50 KM to 100 KM in border areas.

Sell or face consequences: Hindu residents threatened by Muslim mob to sell their flats in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, govt denies

Reports suggest that a few days back, a 100-150 people strong Muslim mob had descended upon Satvik society in Bhavnagar and threatened residents of about 15 flats to sell and leave their flats or face dire consequences

Gujarat: How property in Shiv Shakti society of Mora, Surat, came in Waqf possession and how, it will now allow namaz

How any property registered with the Waqf Board, even if illegal, becomes its property and it gets protection from the Board.

‘Aapka paigam London pahucha diya hai, achha kaam ho raha hai’: Fraud, funding, forced religious conversion, tales from Gujarat

OpIndia's Nirwa Mehta travels to the hinterlands of Gujarat to speak to the tribals who were lured to convert to Islam and how they were brainwashed to hate Hinduism and inspired to take up Jihad.

Gopipura in Surat and Soni Faliya in Bharuch: How Jains and Hindus are leaving their homes as the localities shift demography

A tale of two cities: Stories of demography change from Bharuch and Surat in Gujarat.

Of mysterious water in dargahs, black magic and exploitation: Grooming jihad horrors from the hinterland of Gujarat

Part two of ground report from Gujarat on grooming jihad, Disturbed Areas Act and forced religious conversion.

‘Love’, Land and Jihad: Stories of conversion from Gujarat – How Pooja survived to tell the tale

Busting the myths about 'love jihad' and land jihad, one story at a time.

Bharuch mass conversion case: Arrest warrant issued against five of the main accused including NRI Haji Abdullah Fefdawala, read details

On issuance of the arrest warrant under section 70 of the CrPC, the police can take help of police from across the state as well as outside of state to arrest the accused.

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