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Demography change in India

‘I am a Muslim, I will pay double the amount for your house,’ Hindus in Bharuch get calls, messages to put pressure to sell...

Local residents who had put up 'for sale' poster in protest in a bid to draw the administration's attention towards the matter of demography change are now getting messages on WhatsApp offering them huge amounts for their homes identifying himself only as 'Muslim man'.

‘There is no such thing as Hinduism’: How over 100 tribals in Bharuch were converted to Islam and the ‘business’ behind it

An FIR filed in the Amod Police station in Bharuch names 9 people who are accused in running a forced religious conversion racket.

Gujarat: Wherever Hindus are in minority, Bajrang Dal to donate loudspeakers for Hanuman Chalisa recital

Certain pockets in Surat where Hindus have become a minority over the years due to demography change, Bajrang Dal has decided to assert the Hindu identity in those areas.

‘Bhajan is haram in Islam’: How Muslim residents who purchased houses near Jalaram Bapa temple in Bharuch got them to stop Aarti

Residents of Soni Faliya in Bharuch say they feel unsafe and threatened because the Muslim residents who have purchased homes in recent years have anti-Hindu mindset and are creating unnecessary clashes

Nainital, Uttarakhand: Land encroachment, Muslim migrant influx making locals leave state in search of livelihoods

One of the major concerns for locals in Nainital is the rampant land encroachments. over the years, the makeshift structures built by the Muslim migrants on encroached land have been converted into permanent structures while the state administration does nothing to prevent it.

‘This is Jalaram Bapa Temple, but it is for sale’: Hindus in Bharuch decide to leave homes over demography change

Bharuch residents appeal for help from state administration, write to chief minister of Gujarat over change in demography, allege illegal transfer of property to Muslim owners

Sudden increase in Muslim migrant population, hundreds of madarsas, mosques popped up in last 2 years: Demographic shift haunting Uttarakhand

Apart from the border areas of Uttarakhand, several areas of Uttar Pradesh, especially those close to Nepal border, have reportedly seen a sudden surge in migrant Muslim population, evident in sudden increase in the number of madarsas and mosques in the areas.

Uttarakhand: CM orders high-level inquiry after allegations of illegal sale of land to ‘people of particular community’ in Nainital

Land belonging to people from scheduled caste in Uttarakhand sold to people from particular community without required approval from DC

Gujarat: Surat Municipal Corporation cancels permission for construction given to Raihan Heights in violation of Disturbed Areas Act

The further construction at Raihan Heights has been halted after the Deputy Collector, Surat Municipal Corporation cancelled the transfer of property which violated the Disturbed Areas Act

Gujarat: Hindu partner removed after property jointly purchased by Hindu-Muslim partners, how Disturbed Areas Act was circumvented

A Surat-based builder circumvented the Disturbed Areas Act and brought in temporary Hindu partner to get property transferred. However, it is not an isolated incident.

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