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TMC MP Derek O’Brien suspended from Parliament for unruly behaviour, shows no remorse, tweets to inform about the same

TMC MP Derek O'Brien was suspended after he reportedly threw the Rule Book towards the Rajya Sabha Chairperson

‘Now his car will be safe’: Weeks after ‘quitting politics’, former BJP leader Babul Supriyo joins TMC. Here is what he said

Babul Supriyo joined TMC in presence of senior TMC leaders Abhishek Banerjee and Derek O’Brien

TMC’s Derek O’Brien claims majority of India’s population has not been administered a single dose of vaccine: Here is how he is misleading

O'Brien, who used to host a quiz show in the 1990s, when an entire generation grew up being in awe of the knowledge he displayed back then, claimed that of the total population in India, not even half the population has been given one dose.

Victim blaming to brazening it out: TMC top leadership responds to the violence unleashed by goons after poll result

West Bengal has been engulfed in post-poll violence as numerous BJP and Left workers are attacked, beaten up and also killed.

TMC MP Derek O’Brien continues to hit below the belt, refers to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah as mosquitoes using wordplay

TMC's Derek O'Brien referred to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah as MO-SHA, which means mosquito in Bengali

TMC’s Derek O’Brien opposes EC’s Covid campaign restrictions, says new rules very suitable to ‘Lutyens bungalow’ residents

TMC leader Derek O'Brien criticized the Election Commission's new Covid restrictions in a press conference today.

Derek O’Brien’s Clubhouse interaction exposes how TMC fears the prospect of loss in West Bengal: Three statements made and what they mean

Perhaps to fire-fight what Prashant Kishor said, Derek O'Brien appeared on Clubhouse for a short interaction with select 'liberals'.

‘Chaiya Chaiya’ and a funeral: Derek O’Brien’s strange explanation about why Mamata Banerjee hates Jai Shree Ram chants

Derek O' Brian recently in his interview with Barkha Dutt attempted to explain why Mamata Banerjee gets irked by Jai Shree Ram slogans

TMC leader of Irish descent tries to create Bengalis vs outsider wedge ahead of West Bengal elections

A Gujarati has as much right to be in Bengal as O'Brien with his Irish ancestry has.

Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien’s ‘fact checks’ PM Modi’s speech: Here are the lies it contained

Derek O'Brien, Trinamool MP, shared a 'fact check' of the speech made by Prime Minister Modi in West Bengal.

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