Saturday, May 21, 2022


Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee syndrome: How the media, Bollywood is taking limelight away from Indian women team’s brilliance with focus on ‘Chak De! India’

After Indian women's hockey teams victory in quarter finals of Tokyo Olympics, media is focusing on 'Chak De! India' minstead.

Gigantic Brainfart: Dhruv Rathee says ‘Chak De! India’ deserves most credit for Indian women hockey team’s stellar Olympics performance

'Eminent' YouTuber Dhruv Rathee has had a brainfart once again, and its ripples can be felt far and wide across social media.

Abusive troll Kunal Kamra becomes ‘columnist’ for NYT, the perks that come when you toe Congress-left ecosystem agenda

Unknown idiots are propped up on international platforms and made famous as a reward for toeing Congress line.

Dhruv Rathee fans mark YouTuber Karolina Goswami for targeted harassment after she exposed his lies

After Karolina Goswami pointed out the factual errors and mistakes in the Dhruv Rathee video, Rathee's supporters have been harassing and abusing Goswami.

All-rounder Expert Dhruv Rathee enters Guinness Book of World Records after solving Israel-Palestine crisis in under 14 minutes

Expert Arvind Kejriwal's most dedicated pupil Dhruv Rathee, has solved the Israel-Palestine conflict and we can't keep calm.

Pro-AAP vlogger Dhruv Rathee spreads fake news about only BJP campaigning for Bengal elections, gives clean chit to TMC, Left, and Congress

While TMC, Congress and the Left are all continuing with rallies and crowded election campaigns, Dhruv Rathee made a ranting Facebook post blaming only the BJP. He did not share it on Twitter.

Exclusive: NCPCR initiates action against pro-AAP YouTuber Dhruv Rathee for illegally obtaining IP location of a minor

NCPCR wrote to Twitter to take appropriate action against Rathee and sought details within seven days.

‘Did Police allow protesters to go inside Red Fort?’: Pro-AAP propagandist Dhruv Rathee insinuates govt conspiracy, whitewashes mob violence

Pro-AAP propagandist Dhruv Rathee has taken to YouTube to peddle misinformation regarding the Republic Day insurrection.

Pro-AAP blogger Dhruv Rathee wants foreign interference in country’s internal matters to offer Indians a solution

Dhruv Rathee claimed that India’s institutions have already been hijacked and have become puppets at the hands of Modi government

Pro-AAP vlogger Dhruv Rathee makes an insensitive remark on death of an eight-year-old girl, ‘liberals’ rejoice

Rathi used the news of the child's death to mock Hindus who were opposing the arbitrary ban on firecrackers on Diwali.

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