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Elvish Yadav unmasks pro-AAP YouTuber Dhruv Rathee’s propaganda and political ties, publishes well-researched video

Elvish pointed out that though Dhruv Rathee claims he was neither associated with any political party nor he would join any in the future, in reality, he has a long-standing association with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

On 1st June, YouTuber and influencer Elvish Yadav published a well-researched video challenging YouTuber and propagandist Dhruv Rathee’s credibility. Yadav raised several issues to point out that Rathee engages in anti-India propaganda and has affiliations not only with political parties but also with anti-India NGOs and foreign entities. The video was based on research done by Elvish’s team, Vijay Patel (Vijay Gajera) and Engineer Reveals (Gaurav Singh).

Political Affiliations

Elvish pointed out that though Dhruv Rathee claims he was neither associated with any political party nor he would join any in the future, in reality, he has a long-standing association with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He said, “Dhruv Rathee worked for AAP IT cell. On October 7, 2014, he made a video for Arvind Kejriwal and supported AAP.”

To support his claims against Rathee, Elvish shows screenshots from videos and posts published on AAP’s official page. Furthermore, it was Dhruv Rathee who came up with the song titled “5 Saal Kejriwal”, Elvish said in his video. He added, “On January 12, 2017, AAP’s social media head confirmed that Dhruv Rathee is part of their research team.”

Interestingly, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently apologised in court for sharing a misleading video by Dhruv Rathee after Delhi High Court refused to quash case against him saying that retweeting defamatory content amounts to defamation.

Manipulative Content

Elvish further pointed out that Rathee indulges in selective reporting. He uses half-baked truth and presents selective data and facts to manipulate public opinion. He said, “Rathee compared AAP and BJP leaders, showing AAP leaders with zero criminal cases while ignoring pending cases against prominent AAP leaders like Somnath Bharti and Arvind Kejriwal.” Elvish argued that the data presented by Rathee in his videos is not only misleading but also incomplete which results in a biased narrative on social media.

Alleged Foreign Connections

Elvish detailed out how Rathee’s videos and Harsh Mander’s posts on social media have a well-established connection. Many of his videos like on CAA/NRC and other issues were published within 2-3 days of a post by Mander on social media on the same topic. Elvish Yadav said, “Harsh Mander, who is part of Sonia Gandhi’s advisory committee, has been involved in filing PILs against Hindus and defaming India internationally.”

He further pointed out the connection between Mander’s posts and Rathee’s videos and said, “On December 14, 2019, Harsh Mander tweeted about CAA and NRC, and three days later, Dhruv Rathee released a video on the same topic, spreading misinformation.”

Elvish also highlighted how Rathee and Aadil Aman, an AAP worker, were connected. They ran a Facebook Page on AAP together. Furthermore, Aadil Aman has shifted to Germany and operates from there. Adil Aman is also connected to Harsh Mander. He was also friends with Umar Khalid, one of the main accused in a larger conspiracy case in the anti-Hindu Delhi riots of 2020. Elvish pointed out how George Soros has pumped billion dollars in anti-India propaganda and Vice president of George Soros founded Open Society Foundation was part of Bharat Jodo Yatra. Harsh Mander was associated with George Soros’s NGO Open Society Foundation.

Elvish pointed out that Aadil Aman once organised a protest which was promoted by Rathee. Within days, a protest took place outside Brazil’s embassy. The “students” who participated in the protests were associated with the Students’ Federation of India (SFI) and the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI). Both are affiliated with the Left parties.

Aadil Aman in one of his Facebook comments hoped for the assassination of PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. In another comment, he compared the Ramayana serial with a porn film.

Accusations of Anti-India Propaganda

Elvish Yadav criticised Dhruv Rathee for presenting manipulated content about India. He pointed out how Rathee’s videos on CAA and NRC spread false information and created a negative image of India’s leadership. Furthermore, In a recent video, he compared India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi with dictators like Hitler which was disinformation. Interestingly, while Dhruv Rathee called PM Modi a dictator, Elvish pointed out how Kolkata Police issued a warning to an X user for posting a meme on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee seeking his location details and a social media influencer Mumbaichadon was picked up from Goa by Karnataka police for “Defaming Congress”. On the other hand, PM Modi shared a similar meme made on him and said he enjoyed watching himself dance.

Notably, in one of the videos he published on electoral bonds, he claimed that the BJP took money from a company that exports beef. He also uploaded a short clip on his WhatsApp channel where he used Indian cows as props. Notably, the export of cow beef is banned in India. Rather conveniently skipped the point that any beef exported from India is Cara Beef or Buffalo Beef. His manipulative video was aimed at projecting the BJP as an anti-Hindu party.

Personal Attacks and Hypocrisy

Elvish said in his video that Rathee has a habit of blocking users who criticise him while he considers Indian leadership dictatorial. He explained, “Rathee blocks anyone who questions his narrative or criticizes him, which shows his inability to accept criticism.” He added, “Rathee uses bots and mass reporting tactics to suppress opposing views, demonstrating his dictatorial traits.”

Elvish pointed out the case of Karoline Goswami, a YouTuber who has been attacked multiple times for exposing Dhruv Rathee’s false narratives on social media. Furthermore, he said, “Rathee must have blocked thousands of social media users just for questioning his credibility. He has already blocked my keyword from the comments and hid any comment on X that mentions me.”

Elvish also pointed out how a video by Rathee against AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal in assault case resulted in rape and death threats.

Financial Motivations and Ethical Issues

Elvish Yadav suggested that Rathee’s actions are financially motivated. He pointed out his collaborations with foreign entities. He said, “Rathee collaborates with foreign entities like DW (Deutsche Welle) and promotes their narrative for monetary gains.” He also pointed out how Rathee once promoted a dubious cryptocurrency leading to several of his followers investing hard-earned money in it. The cryptocurrency turned out to be fake and everyone lost their money. Dhruv Rathee conveniently removed the portion from his video where he promoted that currency.

Controversial Comparisons and Statements

Elvish pointed out that Rathee has made several derogatory comments about Hindu Gods and symbols. In one of his statements, he compared Hindus wearing saffron scarf with terrorists like Osama-bin-Laden. In a conversation with a YouTuber, he claimed that Bhagwan Ram was a myth. Rather argued, “Believing in Ram’s existence because the places mentioned in Ramayana exist was equivalent to believing in Spiderman because New York exists.” Elvish said, “Rathee’s comments on Hindu deities and national symbols aim to provoke communal sentiments.”

Questionable Research Integrity

Elvish Yadav said Rathee’s followers believe that he does his research himself. However, in reality, he has a team that does the research and creates a script for him to present in the video. In the majority of his videos, the research has been done by one Vijeta Dahiya. He said, “Rathee’s content is written by Vijeta and edited by a team, showing that he does not independently research his videos.”

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