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dilip mandal

Tweedledum and Tweedledee of caste politics get upset with the Judge who had dismissed the petition against Bageshwar Dham katha, say will complain to...

Dilip Mandal suggested that the Judge who dismissed the PIL in the Bageshwar Dham case is prejudiced against Adivasis.

The Print columnist challenges people to ‘prove him wrong’ that India’s most popular games do not involve touch, netizens oblige

Dilip Mandal claimed that popular sports in India do not involve human touch, netizens teach him about Kabaddi and Kushti

Print columnist Dilip Mandal starts ‘Casteist BCCI’ trend as Surya Kumar Yadav is rested during Bangladesh ODIs, blames commentator Shastri for it

Someone who doesn't even know that Shastri stopped being an Indian coach quite a while back commenting on cricket is laughable as it is, but Mandal also accused BCCI of casteism for keeping Sanju Samson out of the ODI squad.

Editors Guild’s ‘casteist’ member Dilip Mandal lies that Chennai is the only city among metros to appoint a Dalit woman mayor: Here’s the truth

Netizens called out ThePrint columnist Dilip Mandal for spreading fake news that TN under MK Stalin is the first state to ever get a Dalit woman Mayor

Casteist professor who once said Twitter is ‘casteist’ for not verifying him now hails the new Twitter chief because he is a Baniya

After Dalit activists targeted new Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal assuming he is Brahmin, The Print columnist hails him because he is Baniya

‘Dalit thinker’ and ThePrint columnist attacks JNU professor for not knowing about pornstar Mia Khalifa

One is perplexed at Dilip Mandal's angst as he terms ignorance about Mia Khalifa as 'blasphemous and criminal'.

Shekhar Gupta peddles anti-Brahmin narrative accusing Brahmins of enjoying imaginary privileges

If 'Brahmin Bashing' was ever a sport, perhaps the 'liberal-secular' Shekhar Gupta and his ilks in the media would have won a medal

Here is how The Print turns every Muslim who doesn’t toe the Islamist line into a ‘Murtad’

The Print today published an article by one Dilip Mandal, who was accused of spreading caste divide and discrimination by the students of Makhanlal University not so long ago

Creates caste divide, harasses upper caste students: Protest against The Print columnist Dilip Mandal erupt in Makhanlal University

Dilip Mandal had then urged people to trend ‘Brahmanvadi Twitter’ on the social media platform

Columnist with Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint bullies his way to ‘blue tick’ by accusing Twitter of being casteist, then demands the blue tick be taken...

After bullying Twitter into giving him blue tick and accusing it of being casteist while doing so, ThePrint columnist has urged Twitter to take it back

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