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This was the finest hour for PM Modi and a vindication of his time and method on foreign trips even as these disgusting forces never lost a chance to haul the prime minister through the coals
India met the Ambassadors of Ambassadors of UAE, Iran, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Morocco, Egypt and Kuwait. 
India considers Kashmir an integral part of India and does not recognise any PoK 'ministers'
Chabahar is one of the most important strategic areas of influence for India
The controversial Islamic preacher was given the Permanent Resident (PR) status by the previous Malaysian government.
This is a new form of diplomacy being envisioned by the Indian Prime Minister
Congress SM head tries to take a dig at Prime Minister's 'hugplomacy', snubs Punjab CM Captain Amarinder, instead
Congress' reaction is immature and unbecoming of a worthy opposition.
A bold move by Trump, trying to take on the bullies
India is no longer willing to let go, what is rightfully hers
In this standoff, only India behaved like a matured sovereign nation, while China's antics were anything but matured.
The withdrawal was bilateral with both India and China pulling back
A South Korean company is reportedly reconsidering its investment plan in a proposed Hydropower project in PoK.
Going by media reports, it appeared as if China had denied some claims made by India. It was never the case.
This visit by PM Modi is very significant for a variety of reasons
Modi is currently on a four nation tour in Europe and Russia. German media treated the tour with the importance.
Pakistan is now openly calling to ally with Modi haters in India to weaken India on international front.
The dawn of a new strategic era is upon us.
This isn't a conventional Republican and Democratic way of dealing with India. The results will influence PM Modi's success in the economic and foreign policy.
Tarek Fatah tears into the Idea of Pakistan - an idea that is incompatible with modern democracy.

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