Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Quad, Chinese debt trap, diplomacy and relations with the West: 5 key takeaways from S Jaishankar’s remarks at Munich Security Conference

S Jaishankar raised objections for linking India's growing ties with the West to deteriorating relations with China.

Maldives govt drafting bill to outlaw anti-India campaign supported by pro-China ex-President Yameen: Details

The new law will attract a penalty of 20,000 Maldivian Rufiyaa, besides a jail term of 6 months or house arrest of 1 year.

As countries rally to join diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics, Pakistan PM Imran Khan set to visit China for opening ceremony

China is facing 'diplomatic boycott' from many western nations over its gross human rights abuses

‘The answer to almost every question about China is India’: Ex-Australian PM Tony Abbott heaves praises on PM Modi

The ex-Prime Minister of Australia lamented how China took advantage of the 'goodwill and wishful thinking' of Western nations to steal their technology and undermine their industries.

‘Conditions apply’: China’s dirty politics over vaccines for the virus that likely originated in a lab in Wuhan

China has been leveraging its COVID-19 vaccines to coerce countries across the world to accept its propaganda on Uyghur Muslims, Taiwan etc.

China warns the United States against establishing trade deals, diplomatic ties with Taiwan: Read details

The three US senators, namely, Tammy Duckworth, Dan Sullivan, and Christopher Coons, had visited Taiwan's capital Taipei to announce that they will donate 7.5 lac Coronavirus vaccine doses to the country.

AAP’s idea of targeting Modi govt: Lists only Muslim countries as beneficiaries of Vaccine Maitri, slammed by netizens

Two hours after its first tweet that contained a list of Muslim-majority countries, AAP posted a string of tweets mentioning the remaining countries that had received vaccines from India.

After Russia, China and Germany offer help to India, America also offers support, stays silent on lifting embargo on vaccine raw material

India's global partners such as France, Russia, Germany have not only expressed solidarity with India's fight against the pandemic but have also extended help at the time of crisis.

Russian Embassy in Belarus taunts Foreign Affairs Minister of Lithuania with ‘small penis’ jibe, deletes and then tweets again

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Lithuania had posted a tweet in solidarity with Czechia which is embroiled in a bitter row with Russia

China holds closed-door trials for Canadian ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig, denies diplomatic access

Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig has been held in China since 2018 under espionage charges.

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