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‘The US is an empire of lies’: As US accuses China of disinformation, Beijing counters State Dept report. Here is what China said in...

The US report alleged that China allocates billions of dollars annually to manipulate foreign information - China has issued a scathing response

BBC ‘fact checker’, who had dubbed delta strain of Covid-19 as ‘Indian variant’, had lied on her CV to get the job

Despite her checkered past, Marianna Spring was hailed by 'The Guardian' as a supposed crusader against 'disinformation and hate' on social media.

Fake news peddler BBC launches ‘BBC Verify’ to ‘fact-check disinformation’, reveals fake profiles, used during US midterm elections, to understand ‘polarisation’

BBC launched an initiative named 'BBC Verify' to address the growing 'threat of disinformation' and build trust with audiences through transparency.

‘Deliberate disinformation’: Govt of India denies Reuters’ report claiming new ‘security testing for smartphones’ and ‘crackdown on pre-installed apps’

Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar debunked a Reuters report suggesting that the Govt of India was planning new security testing for smartphones

Twitter Files: ‘Hamilton 68’ funded by a neo-liberal NGO falsely labelled right-wing accounts as Russian disinformation bots

Despite finding that Hamilton 68 was falsely labelling ordinary ring wing users as Russian bots, ex-Twitter official Yoel Roth remained silent

‘Wikipedia not dependable; can promote misleading information’: SC cautions court authorities

The court noted that Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and information entered therein may not be authentic.

Plethora of fake news with almost a million subscribers: Read how no ‘fact-checker’ bothered to fact-check this YouTube channel

The YouTube channel 'News Headlines' with almost a million subscriber base has been regularly peddling anti-BJP and pro-Congress fake news on its channel.

Twitter Files 7.0: FBI paid $3.4 million to Twitter, made top executives dub Hunter Biden laptop story as ‘Russian disinformation’

Interestingly, the sixth tranche of Twitter Files also revealed 150 email exchanges between the FBI and Yoel Roth during the period of January 2020 and November 2022.

‘When Modi became Gujarat CM, he added his caste to OBC’: JDU leader peddles disinformation ahead of polls. Here is the truth

Records show that the Modh Ghanchi caste was classified as OBC in July 1994, much before Modi became the Gujarat Chief Minister (2001-2014).

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