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‘Ravan riding a giant bat, weird-looking characters’: Om Raut’s Ramayana remake Adipurush gets mocked on social media after teaser release

There is also a hilariously copy-pasted scene of Saif as Ravan riding a giant, monster bat. Social media users were quick to point out that it was a rather stupid attempt to recreate the Night King character from Game of Thrones where he rides a skeletal zombie dragon.

India’s Lord Ram takes on China’s Dragon: How Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indian Twitter users came together in solidarity

The infographic of Lord Ram battling the Chinese Dragon was posted on the Hong Kong social media website LIHKG i

Twitter temporarily deactivates official Amul account after Amul posted a topical asking to boycott Chinese products

Amul said that their Twitter account was deactivated without informing them after they posted a topical on boycotting Chinese products

China to extend USD 2.1 billion loan to Pakistan to fight its economic crisis

Taking a tough stand on Pakistan, the US has hugely cut down on the financial and military aid that it provided to the country.

‘I begged them to kill me’: Uighur Muslim woman describes her torture in Chinese concentration camp

The Chinese have attracted very little retribution from the international community for its inhumane treatment of Uighur Muslims.

Will China regret its treatment of Muslims? Not very likely

There is absolutely nothing to indicate that China might come to regret their treatment of Muslims in the future.

The Chinese Economic Crisis: A comprehensive explainer

Trump presidency is like dumping Chinese bubbles into a stack of needles and all it needs is one small trigger to begin the big burst.

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