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When ‘Singham’ Annamalai got a pat on the back from PM Modi: Read who the grassroots Tamil Nadu leader is and how he is...

An engineering graduate and a post-graduate in management, Annamalai went on to complete his MBA in Finance from IIM Lucknow. At one point he had aspired to be an entrepreneur but gave up that dream to pursue the bigger cause of connecting with the people.

DMK supporter uses casteist slurs to attack singer Sivasri Skandaprasad over her old video where she promotes Indian clothing

Dr Aravind Raja, a Dravidianist and a die-hard supporter of the ruling DMK party in Tamil Nadu, took to X to target singer Sivasri Skandaprasad for promoting Indian clothing

Twitter user followed by Prakash Raj calls for the beheading of Brahmin women and children in the name of ‘Dalit empowerment’

A Twitter user @kannadamando has called for the beheading of Brahmin women and children by Dalits so that Davidian-Marxist idea of social justice is achieved

Journalist Tunku Varadarajan roots for the secession of southern states from India, spews hate on ‘cowbelt’

Tunku Varadarajan spews hatred on India, referring to it as the "benighted cowbelt" and advocating for secession of Driavidian states

How Dravidian separatists have proved themselves to be modern-day Nazis with the words they use for Tamil Brahmins

Tamil Brahmins have been compared with Jews often in public discourse and the Dravidian derision proves that they are the modern-day Nazis

Labour And Dravidianism: History of Buckingham and Carnatic Mills Strike, the first major industrial unrest in South India

One of the major reasons for the success of the Dravidian movement is its co-option of the working class

How Dravidian ideologues used ‘opposition to Hindi’ to build their ‘protector of Tamil culture’ image and retain power

We will now look at how they used the plank of opposition to Hindi as a means of building their image as protectors of Tamil culture and native rights and to bring them to power.

Dravidian sabotage in education: Behind the veils of the Dravidian Delusion

Tamils in Tamil Nadu have had the benefits of national integration, wider exposure to language among others, denied to them by the Dravidian agitation.

The ‘Revolutionary Poet’ and the ‘Great Scholar’: Behind the veils of the Dravidian Delusion

One of the persistent pieces of given wisdom in Indian political discourse is that the Dravidian movement was a progressive one.

DMK hires ‘North Indian Brahmin’ Prashant Kishor to prepare for 2021 Assembly Elections in Tamil Nadu

After getting fired from JDU, poll srategist Prashant Kishor hired by DMK for 2021 Tamil Nadu election

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