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Mumbai college implements uniform dress code, Islamists cry foul over ban on hijab and burqa on campus

According to the new rules, students must remove their religious attire in a designated common room located on the ground floor. It is only then that they can proceed for their classes.

A year after anti-Hijab protests, Iran’s parliament passes ‘hijab and chastity’ bill, women could face 10 years in jail for ‘inappropriate’ dress

Iranian parliament passed a ‘hijab and chastity’ bill, which imposes jail term up to 10 years for women who dress "inappropriately"

France bans Islamic attire Abaya in schools: French education minister Gabriel Attal implements stricter dress code from the upcoming school session

"You enter a classroom, you must not be able to identify the religion of the students by looking at them", the French Education Minister said while advocating for a strict dress code in schools.

Muslim girls protest outside Mumbai college against dress code banning burqa and hijab, college allows them on campus with conditions

Muslim girls protested outside NG Acharya & DK Marathe College in Mumbai’s Chembur against dress code that banned burqa & hijab

Gujarat: Dwarakadhish temple issues dress code for devotees banning short dresses, instruction banners put up outside the temple

The Dwarakadhish Temple in Dwaraka in Gujarat has banned devotees wearing short clothes from entering the temple

No t-shirts, jeans, leggings: Assam govt introduces dress code for teachers of state-run schools

Assam government issues dress code for teachers in all state-run schools in the state, saying that teachers should wear only formal dress in schools.

‘Auraton ki bodies jitni dhaki huyi hongi, utni better hai’: Salman Khan defends ‘no low neckline’ rule in his movie sets

I think the bodies of women are way more precious, so the more they are covered, the better it is, Salman Khan told Rajat Sharma

Pakistani universities rename Valentine’s Day as ‘Haya Day’, mandate fine for interaction between male and female students

In Pakistan, Valentine's Day is observed as 'Haya Day', universities ask male and female students to maintain specified physical distance.

Plea seeking common dress code for students and staff in all state-recognized educational institutions filed in Supreme Court

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court demanding common dress code in educational institutions in the country.

Muslim women will be losers if ‘right to hijab’ argument accepted: Kerala governor Arif Mohammed Khan slams the pro-Hijab movement

If ‘right to hijab’ argument accepted Muslim women will become losers, their lives will become miserable: Arif Mohammed Khan

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