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economic crisis

China: Loan defaults hit record high, over 8.5 million people blacklisted

The Bank of China reported on September 1 that overdue unpaid credit in the first half of 2023 totaled RMB 89.646 billion yuan (approximately $12.3 billion), an increase of 3.54% compared to last year, VOA reported.

A felon in France, profiting from pro-abortion campaigns, gambling with economies, Clintons, Ukraine and more: What book “Controligarchs” says about George Soros

American author and investigative journalist Seamus Bruner has released his new book titled "Controligarch" exposing the exploits of George Soros and other billionaires like Boll Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet etc

China’s largest property developer Country Garden on the verge of collapse, facing a net loss of 51.5 billion yuan in past 6 months

China’s largest property developer, Country Garden, said that it faced a loss of USD 7.1 billion in the first six months of the year, mounting pressure on the Chinese homebuilder already experiencing a financial meltdown, The New York Times (NYT) reported.

Problems mount for Pakistan International Airlines, losses touch PKR 600 Billion, unable to operate a single day without funds from the national kitty

Pakistan International Airlines was unable to pay USD 50 million in navigation charges to Saudi Arabia, leading to potential disruptions in its operations after June 30, 2023.

Pakistan economic crisis: Inflation hits record-high 36.42% in April, highest in South Asia

Pakistan's economic crisis continues to deepen as its YoY inflation hit its highest-ever level of 36.42 per cent in April.

Pakistan economic crisis: Country’s central bank raises key rate by 100 basis points to record 21% amid crippling inflation

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) raised its key interest rate by 100 basis points to a record 21 per cent on Tuesday.

Flour being sold in ‘black market’ as Pakistan’s Punjab govt stops subsidy during Ramzan amid severe economic crisis

After stopping the selling of subsidised flour, the Punjab government increased the rate of those subsidized bags of a 10-kilogram from Rs 648 to Rs 1150. 

Flour distribution related violence leaves five injured in Pakistan’s Punjab

In Shorkot, there was a heavy rush of free flour seekers located at the Government Elementary School in Shorkot Cantt. The scuffle occurred between policemen and the people, leading to a stampede-like situation.

Free flour quota in Pakistan’s Dera Ghazi Khan division insufficient to meet demands

In one place where the demands are not met, in other places, there rush of people at the centres that are leading to stampedes and ultimately death of people. 

Pakistan: More clashes, injuries and deaths in the month of Ramzan amidst severe food crisis in the country

Protests and brawls against the scarce supply of free wheat flour on Tuesday were witnessed at various places in Peshawar.

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