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economic crisis

Pakistan ‘Cutting Chai’: Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal asks people to drink fewer cups of tea to keep economy afloat

"I appeal to the nation to cut down the consumption of tea by one to two cups because we import tea on loan", Pakistani Minister Ahsan Iqbal said

Petrol stock for single day, 15 hrs a day power cuts expected: Sri Lanka PM’s series of tweets should be cautionary tale for ‘freebie...

Sri Lanka is experiencing its worst economic crisis ever, with inflation hitting a record high of 17.5% in February 2022.

Sri Lanka: Ruling party MP killed amid violent clashes, house of Rajapaksa family set on fire as island descends into chaos

Sri Lanka MP Amarakeerthi Athukorala killed amid violent clashes and mass protests.

Violent clashes erupt as Sri Lanka plunges into crisis after PM Mahinda Rajapaksa resigns amid economic crisis

As per reports, Rajapaksa sent his resignation to his younger brother President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. While the government has appealed to its citizens to help in the crisis, many Sri Lankans also want the President to resign.

‘India has been an elder brother to Sri Lanka’: Former SL cricket captain Arjuna Ranatunga lauds PM Modi for assistance amid economic crisis

Arjuna Ranatunga slammed the Rajapaksa government for the current economic crisis bedevilling Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan central bank governor resigns amid a worsening economic crisis

The central bank governor resigned in the wake of exacerbating economic crisis that has sparked massive protests across the island nation.

Sri Lanka is teetering on the edge of a financial collapse: Understanding the island nation’s worst economic crisis in its history

Experts believe that the ongoing crisis is the result of policy errors made by the Rajapaksa regime between 2005 and 2015.

Dr S Jaishankar offers India’s help after hospitals in Sri Lanka suspend surgeries due to a shortage of medicines

India's Minister for External Affairs dialed Indian High Commission in Colombo to extend all help to the hospital after learning about surgeries getting postponed due to lack of medicines.

Sri Lanka postpones school exams as the country ran out of paper and has no foreign exchange to import

Sri Lanka postpones school exams in western province as they don't have papers to print the question papers

Financially doomed Pakistan to grant permanent residence to wealthy international investors including Chinese and US-based Sikh nationals

Pakistani government aims to attract large investments from affluent Afghans who are already investing in Iran, Turkey, and Malaysia.

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