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Israel takes full control of Egypt border on Philadelphi corridor including Rafah crossing, Knesset moves to declare UNRWA a terror organisation

The 14 km strip of land along the border is known as the Philadelphi corridor, a buffer zone created to prevent weapons smuggling in 2006 after Israel disengaged from the Strip. But in 2007, Hamas violently seized control of Gaza from the Palestinian Authority.

Egypt: Angered over approval for a new church, Islamists set fire to houses of Coptic Christians, hundreds of villagers attacked

The incident unfolded in the Minya Province village of Al-Fawakher, which is home to some 3,000 Christian families who follow the Coptic Orthodox Church.

The mystery of ‘Pharaoh’s curse’ solved: Scientists claim they have uncovered the enigma of mystifying King Tutankhamun tomb deaths

Toxic levels of radiation, stemming from uranium and hazardous residues are thought to have persisted within the Pharaoh's tomb since its sealing over 3,000 years ago.

The Philippines, Brazil, and Egypt show interest in the Akash air defence missile system after Armenia’s order

The Akash missile is a DRDO-developed system and has been in service for over a decade now with multiple advanced versions of the missile under development by the Akash Team.

Gaza: Hamas releases 14 more hostages including 4 Thailand nationals, IDF confirms

Excluding today's release of hostages, 50 were released between Friday and Monday, while 10 others were freed on Tuesday night.

Hamas put their terrorists on the list of ‘wounded’ Palestinians to be evacuated from Gaza: Reports

Hamas reportedly provided a list of 'wounded' Palestinians to Egypt, Israel and the United States, reiterating that they should be evacuated along with US nationals and others.

Israel-Hamas war: First convoy of trucks carrying aid materials enter Gaza as Rafah Crossing with Egypt opens, foreigners expected to leave soon

20 trucks carrying aid materials entered Gaza from Egypt through the Rafah border crossing after the border crossing was opened

2 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza as Israel bombs all over the strip, Egypt closes Rafah crossing while WHO tries to send in aid

Egypt closed Rafah crossing to prevent exodus amid heavy bombarding from Israel inside Gaza.

Egypt: Policeman kills two Israelis and one Egyptian at a tourist site in Alexandria

At two Israeli tourists were killed as an Egyptian police personnel opened fire at tourists in Alexandria

Egypt imposes ban on hijab and niqab in schools, allows hair covers but they must not hide the student’s face

Apart from Egypt, several countries like Austria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Canada, France, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan have imposed bans on the wearing of headscarves at schools and colleges.

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