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SEBI has already started receiving applications from PACL investors for refund of their money
BJP's election manifesto promises lower Income Tax rate, simplification of GST, Merchant Credit Card and many others for the middle class
The BJP, in its manifesto, has accorded the vision of a New India by 2022 a very prominent place. It has listed 75 goals which the government will focus on achieving by the time the country celebrates its 75th anniversary of Independence.
Rahul Gandhi says that money for NYAY will come for 15 richest businesspeople of the country
The promises made by Rahul Gandhi for startups are already implemented under startup India and other initiatives of Modi government.
Rahul Gandhi had said that Congress party's minimum income guarantee scheme will be a top-up scheme, party leaders denies the claim
Remember, India’s worst-case scenario is also the Dynasty’s best case scenario.
The announcement of a new subsidy scheme for poor by Rahul Gandhi is a testimony to the fact that Indiraji, her son and the decade of UPA governance was unable to remove the poverty, writes Arun Jaitley
Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme of Congress party ensures monthly income of Rs 12,000 for 20% of India's population
An independent candidate from Tamil Nadu has come up with a strange promise of offering 10 litres of free liquor every month to every family in his constituency

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