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Vision for a New India: Here are the 75 goals BJP seeks to achieve by 2022 in its manifesto

BJP has listed 75 goals which the government will focus on achieving by the time the country celebrates its 75th anniversary of Independence.

The BJP, in its manifesto, has accorded the vision of a New India by 2022 a very prominent place. It has listed 75 goals which the government will focus on achieving by the time the country celebrates its 75th anniversary of Independence. The party has titled its manifesto as Sankalp Patra, meaning its not just announcement of promises, but a commitment to fulfil the promises made before the elections.

Here is a list of the 75 goals the BJP will seek to achieve by 2022:

  1. Achieve the target of doubling farmers’ income by 2022.
  2. Enable the creation of 10,000 new Farmer Producer Organizations.
  3. Ensure adequate market avenues for the realisation of MSP through e-NAM, GrAMs
    and Pradhan Mantri AASHA Yojana.
  4. Work towards ensuring that maximum farmers get income support under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.
  5. Launch a pension scheme for small and marginal farmers to ensure social security after 60 years of age.
  6. Work towards completing all irrigation projects under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana.
  7. Provide short-term new agriculture loans up to ₹ 1 lakh at 0% interest rate for 1-5 years
    on the condition of prompt repayment of the principal amount.
  8. Increase the cropped area under irrigation.
  9. Work towards digitising land records.
  10. Strive to ensure all-weather connectivity for every village.
  11. Work towards assisting the maximum number of fishermen by ensuring the
    availability of storage and other infrastructure under a new ‘Matsya Sampada Yojana’.
  12. Ensure 100% disposal of liquid waste and reuse of waste water.
  13. Aim to cover all the secondary schools under Operation Digital Board.
  14. Enable investment of ₹ 1 lakh crore in higher education through Revitalising of Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE).
  15. Work towards increasing the number of seats in premier management institutes.
  16. Work towards increasing the number of seats in premier engineering institutes.
  17. Work towards increasing the number of seats in premier law institutes.
  18. Establish at least one Atal Tinkering Lab in every block.
  19. Under a new ‘Entrepreneurial Northeast’ scheme, provide financial support to MSMEs and for employment generation in northeastern states.
  20. Ensure a pucca house for every family.
  21. Ensure the LPG gas cylinder connection to all poor rural households.
  22. Ensure 100% electrification of all households.
  23. Ensure every citizen has access to a bank account.
  24. Ensure a toilet in every household.
  25. Ensure access to safe and potable drinking water for all households.
  26. Complete Phase-1 of Bharatmala Project expeditiously.
  27. Double the length of national highways.
  28. Ensure 100% waste collection under Swachh Bharat Mission to achieve ODF+ and ODF++ in cities and villages.
  29. Ensure ODF status for all villages and cities.
  30. Achieve 175 GW of renewable energy capacity.
  31. Strive to achieve 10% blending of ethanol in petrol.
  32. Connect every Gram Panchayat with high-speed optical fibre network.
  33. Ensure the supply of piped cooking gas in major Tier 1 and 2 cities.
  34. Form a new Ministry of Water unifying the water management functions. This will help approach the issue of water management holistically and ensure better co-ordination of efforts.
  35. Aim to increase the number of operational airports to 150 for better air connectivity.
  36. Increase port capacity to 2,500 MTPA.
  37. Ensure conversion of all viable rail tracks to broad gauge by 2022.
  38. Make all efforts to ensure electrification of all railway tracks by 2022.
  39. Start developing smart railway stations across India.
  40. Work towards equipping all main railway stations with Wi-Fi facility.
  41. Complete the dedicated freight corridor project by 2022.
  42. Establish 1.5 lakh health and wellness centres under Ayushman Bharat.
  43. Start setting up 75 new medical colleges/postgraduate medical colleges.
  44. Target provisioning of telemedicine and diagnostic laboratory facilities at all health and wellness centres to ensure quality primary medical care to the poor at their
  45. Work towards increasing the number of childcare facilities threefold.
  46. Ensure a drastic reduction in cases of tuberculosis.
  47. Increase the doctor-population ratio to 1:1400.
  48. Under the POSHAN Abhiyaan, aim to reduce the malnutrition level as well as accelerate the rate of reduction of malnourishment.
  49. Further improve India’s rank in ‘Ease of Doing Business’ ranking.
  50. Work towards improving GDP share from the manufacturing sector.
  51. Work towards doubling the total exports.
  52. Establish National Traders’ Welfare Board and create a National Policy for Retail Trade for the growth of retail business.
  53. Work towards creating a single-window compliance and dispute resolution mechanism for MSMEs.
  54. Strive to ensure reduced tax rates, higher tax collection and greater compliance.
  55. Work towards ensuring a stable taxation regime.
  56. In order to incentivise compliance of law and ease of doing business, amend the
    Companies Act to impose civil liability for technical and procedural defaults of a minor nature, thus unclogging the majority of cases from courts.
  57. Ensure the availability of banking services within 5 km of every individual.
  58. Achieve complete digitisation and modernisation of courts.
  59. Promote and increase digital transactions.
  60. Ensure end-to-end digitisation of government processes.
  61. Enable digital delivery of government services.
  62. Work towards substantially reducing the current levels of air pollution.
  63. Work towards completely eliminating crop residue burning to reduce air pollution.
  64. Put an Indian in space in an Indian spacecraft as part of ‘Gaganyaan’ mission.
  65. Ensure full immunisation coverage of children.
  66. Strive to make all government buildings accessible.
  67. Ensure the completion of six Tribal Freedom Fighters Museums.
  68. Work towards completing the development of ‘Panchteerth’ circuit.
  69. Expand the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan scheme to cover all small
  70. Ensure comprehensive social security coverage for all unorganised labourers including insurance, pension etc.
  71. Work towards increasing female workforce participation rate.
  72. Ensure justice for Muslim women by enacting the law against triple talaq.
  73. Achieve the goal of Clean Ganga by 2022.
  74. Complete the development of all projects under Swadesh Darshan, PRASAD and HRIDAY schemes.
  75. Work towards digitisation of collections in all national museums.
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