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Electoral Bonds

‘Electoral Bonds in a true sense have imparted a greater sense of transparency in political funding’: PM Modi in the ANI interview

In his exclusive interview with ANI, PM Modi reiterated that the electoral bonds in a true sense have imparted a greater sense of transparency in political funding and ensured that political parties stopped receiving through unaccounted cash transactions.

‘Fact-checker’ Md Zubair spreads fake news, falsely claims that BJP received donations from ‘beef exporting company’

‘Fact-checker’ Md Zubair spreads fake news that BJP received donations from ‘beef exporting company’ Allanasons, which actually exports boneless buffalo meat

Kolkata Police closed two cases against Future Gaming around the same time it donated to TMC via electoral bonds: Report

The first FIR against Future Gaming and Hotel Services was registered at the Bhowanipore Police Station in June 2019.

Kapil Sibal repeats opposition lies on electoral bonds in an interview with The Wire, claims Future Gaming, which made largest donation to TMC &...

Kapil Sibal was essentially, attempting to peddle the same conspiracy theory that the entire leftist ecosystem has been peddling that BJP extorted money in form of electoral bonds from firms like Future Gaming and Hotel Services to provide legal security or frame favourable laws

62 per cent of donations by companies after ED raids went to opposition parties: Electoral bonds data debunks opposition’s ‘extortion’ claims

An analysis conducted by The Indian Express uncovered how opposition misled the public with claims that BJP used raids to "extort" money using Electoral Bonds.

EB data confirms OpIndia report: Hyderabad’s Yashoda Hospital donated Rs 94 cr to BRS, Zubair lied about it; quietly deleted his post after caught

OpIndia wrote a detailed report on March 15 exposing the sinister attempt by the “fact-checker” Mohammed Zubair and his ilk to blow out of proportion the EB data to falsely implicate the Modi government.

While opposition was alleging Quid Pro Quo in electoral bond donations by Megha Engineering, Income Tax documents show the company made unaccounted payments to...

Delhi HC revealed that search documents recovered from Megha Engineering Group appeared to indicate unaccounted transfers to Congress.

Future Gaming gave ₹542 crore to TMC: Top 10 donors of 7 parties, who did top 5 companies donate to, and more: Read full...

The Election Commission of India on 21th March published the detailed Electoral Bond data submitted by the State Bank of India

Electoral bonds: Data reveals BRS received largest donation from MEIL, busts leftist ecosystem’s narrative that MEIL has ‘quid pro quo’ ties to BJP

According to the data of electoral bonds submitted by the State Bank of India on the orders of the Supreme Court K Chandrasekhar Rao's Bharat Rashtra Samithi encashed Rs 1,214 crore in total, of which Rs 195 crore came from MEIL

Judicial verdicts, if ill-conceived or plain wrong, can have serious consequences: Judicial activism, Electoral Bonds verdict and ramifications

SC led by our Hon. CJI, Justice Chandrachud, has created a serious situation by its activism on the Electoral Bonds issue

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