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Indian delegation in Kabul to meet Taliban members, to oversee India’s humanitarian assistance of food, medicine and vaccines provided to Afghan people

The Indian team is led by the Joint Secretary JP Singh from the Pakistan Afghanistan Iran (PAI) division of the MEA. Last year, Singh had meet the Taliban leadership on the sidelines of the Moscow format of talks on Afghanistan in Delhi.

United States embassy in Pakistan condemned by Islamists for supporting LGBT rights, gets warned not to disrespect Islamic principles

Many Pakistanis called the US embassy's support for LGBT rights a blatant disregard for Pakistani laws and values.

Another major embarrassment for Pakistan, its embassy in Argentina calls for replacement of PM Imran Khan

The Pak embassy in Argentina took to Instagram to state political substitution in Islamabad would revive country's credibility

Pakistan to observe October 27 as ‘Kashmir black day’, orders its embassies to spread anti-India propaganda and hold protests

Pakistan and its embassies around the world are celebrating Kashmir Black Day on October 27 as a part of their propaganda against India

Kabul: Taliban takes over Norwegian embassy, promises to return after smashing wine bottles and burning all books

"Guns apparently less dangerous,” remarked Norwegian ambassador to Iran while Tweeting Taliban's takeover of their embassy.

Amidst escalating chaos outside Kabul airport, US and Chinese embassies ask their citizens in Afghanistan to avoid travelling to the place

An alert issued by US Embassy asked its citizens in Afghanistan not to go to Kabul Airport due to potential security threat at the place

Taliban raided and searched closed Indian consulates in Kandahar and Herat for clues on Afghan spies, took away parked cars: Report

The Taliban carried out searches inside the building and took away parked vehicles parked outside both embassies.

Afghan embassy in Tajikistan requests Interpol to detain Ashraf Ghani for stealing public fund, declares VP Amrullah Saleh as acting president

Afghan embassy in Tajikistan has requested the Interpol to detain ousted president Ashraf Ghani to recover stolen public fund from him

Shocking visuals: As Kabul falls to the Taliban, thousands of Afghans flock to airport trying to flee the country

The scenes at Kabul were reminiscent of how the United States embassy staff fled Saigon on choppers in 1975.

Joe Biden’s administration in talks with Taliban, requesting their embassy in Kabul to be spared when the terrorists storm Afghan capital: Reports

The US negotiators are hoping to secure assurances from the Taliban that they will not attack the US Embassy in Kabul if the Taliban terrorists overrun the capital in the coming days.

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