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enemy property act

134 illegal structures in Nainital demolished, Leftists, Islamists outrage about Pakistani national’s properties being bulldozed by HC order: Full details

Following orders by Uttarakhand High Court, Nainital Administration demolished illegal structures on enemy property

Union govt starts process of eviction and sale of enemy properties worth over 1 lakh crore: Know what is enemy property & how they...

12,485 of the 12,611 enemy properties in India owned by the CEPI were earlier linked to Pakistani people, while 126 were related to Chinese nationals

Kanpur: Pakistani national sold Ram Janki temple land to Mukhtar Baba who razed it, converted it to ‘Baba Biryani’, action initiated under Enemy Property Act

Mukhtar Baba demolished the Ram Janki temple in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and erected a non-veg restaurant named Baba Biryani on the temple site

Chennai tense as Thowheed Jamaath members protest after their Pakistan-owned HQ was seized under Enemy Property Act

The Thowheed Jamaat, whose building is registered as the property of Pakistan, had received several notices from the state authorities for violating the Enemy Property Act.

Modi govt starts the critical process of selling ‘enemy properties’ which could earn it Rs 1 lakh crores

Find out what are enemy properties and why is this exercise of the government so critical

Congress wondered what would happen if ‘BJP has its way’, here’s what would happen if ‘Congress had its way’

If Congress had its way, people would find themselves hoping that BJP could have its way again

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