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Congress wondered what would happen if ‘BJP has its way’, here’s what would happen if ‘Congress had its way’

In a recent video released on Twitter, the Indian Nation Congress claimed that if BJP could have its way, then our history will be distorted and our children won’t be taught the truth about our past. The Congress alleged our children would not know who built the Taj Mahal and who killed Mahatma Gandhi. Apart from the severe exaggeration of the whole thing, the video reeks of crass fear mongering and desperation. In one of my previous articles, I had remarked that the moment the BJP attempts to rectify the biases in our education curriculum, shrieks of ‘saffronisation of education’ will only grow louder but it seems the Congress is engaging in preemptive attacks against any such effort.

The Congress would however, have to concede that since our country became a republic in 1950, they have had their way with our country for almost the entire duration of its sovereign existence, and their record has been far from satisfactory. We have institutions like the Jawaharlal Nehru University at the heart of the capital where it has become fashionable to raise slogans against the nation and celebrate the deaths of our army men. Our children are unaware of legendary heroes from the past and are reduced to glorifying barbarian mass murderers like Khilji and Tipu Sultan who raped our women and pillaged our nation. Our children could quote the names of all the kings of the Mughal dynasty from memory, and yet most of them haven’t even heard of Lachit Borphukan. Our children learn intricate details of the Taj Mahal in their books and yet, are never taught about the glory of Hampi and why the once great city now lies in ruins. The Congress did have its way and as a consequence, our children are blissfully unaware of the glories of our past and the tragedy that befell our great civilization.

However, there are a few issues where the Congress could not have its way and thank the Gods for that, for if they had, it would have been perilous for the unity and integrity of our nation. One such issue was the Communal Violence bill. The National Advisory Council (NAC) approved the bill which if it were enacted, would ensure that only religious or linguistic minorities could be labeled as victims of communal violence. Thus, if a situation arose where two communities were involved in a case of communal violence, only the members of the minority could claim reparation while the majority community would be left without any recourse. Moreover, the bill is based on the dubious assumption that only the minority community could be victims of communal violence and that communal violence could be perpetrated by only the majority community and not the other way around.

Truly, such a nefarious law could only materialize in the think tanks of the Congress party and would have been enacted, if Congress had its way.

Another issue that has been in the news recently is the Rohingya immigration. The Congress and its supporters have been advocating the settlement of Rohingyas, who pose a serious security concern, in India. Despite repeated warnings from security intelligence agencies that there’s massive radicalization among the community, the Congress wants India to provide them shelter even at the risk of endangering Indian lives. The Congress is aware that if Rohingyans are allowed to settle in India, then it will only augment their own vote bank and benefit them electorally. Thus, it is perfectly at ease with illegal immigrants in our country even if innocent Indians have to pay for it with the lives. One can see what decades of Congress rule has done to Assam. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh has led to a massive demographic shift within the state with the consequence that the Assamese are facing the threat of becoming a minority community in their own land. The demographic shift in Assam will have long term consequences for the country and the Congress does not care as they stand to gain from it at the poll booths.

If Congress had its way, perhaps every state would be overridden with illegal immigrants and security would be sacrificed at the altar of electoral politics.

Another instance was the Congress’s repeated failure, or rather unwillingness, to amend the Enemy Property Act. The Congress Party did not ratify the bill which would authorize the government to take over the property of individuals who had declared themselves citizens of Pakistan and China and had betrayed the nation in time of crisis. The Congress was unwilling to implement and amend the law for they feared it would offend the sensibilities of Indian muslims. The Enemy Property Act of 1968 made the central government only the custodian of enemy property. It was only after the BJP came to power that it amended the law to authorize the central government to claim full authority over enemy properties. Congress kept away from the Enemy Property Act because their own ministers were the lawyers for elements fighting to retain their property, which would otherwise be deemed enemy property.

If Congress had its way, as they did all these years, enemies of the nation would have continued to enjoy the fortunes of their anti-national activities in foreign soil.

The sins of the Congress party transcend every manner of decency. But they really hit the bottom of the pit when they tried to create ‘Hindu terrorism’ out of thin air. All the while, we are battered by the Congress party with shrieks of “Terrorism has no religion” and yet the same party, time and again, tried to frame Hindus for terrorism and shame them with the bogey of saffron terrorism. Digvijay Singh even went to the extent of endorsing a book which tried to pin the 26/11 terror attack on the RSS and absolve Pakistan of all blame in the process. The actions of the Congress party post 26/11 proves once and for all that the party can sink to any depth to win elections. National interests are irrelevant issues that can be merrily sacrificed at the altar of democratic politics for the congress party.

We have every reason to believe that if the Congress had its way, Hindus would have been blamed for the attack and Pakistan would have been exonerated.

Another thing which would have never happened if the Congress had its way is the Surgical Strike on Pakistan post the Pathankot attack. The Congress party was in denial of the courage displayed the by Narendra Modi to sanction the army to conduct surgical strikes against Pakistan to eliminate terrorists who are detrimental to the peace and security of India. The Congress could not summon the courage to take any concrete action against Pakistan after the 26/11 terrorist attack so when the BJP did, they even alluded to it being fake and questioned the word of our army men who confirmed the strikes in front of the media.

If Congress had its way, the world would believe the Surgical strike never happened, the morale of the army would be undermined and Pakistan would have succeeded in lying its way through the global community.

The Congress Party ensured that institutions of the country were heavily compromised by foreign NGOs and civil rights activists with dubious record and questionable character. Congress leader Kapil Sibal was the lawyer for Teesta Setalvad who is being probed for fabricating evidence regarding the Gujarat riots and inventing macabre tales to fuel communal passions. Teesta Setalvad, whose NGO’s FCRA license was cancelled by the NDA government for violating FCRA regulations, is accused of misappropriation of funds meant for the welfare of victims of riots. There are reports which indicate that Setalvad’s Sabrang Communications received thousands of dollars in donation from the Ford Foundation between 2004-2014, the decade the Congress party was in power, without government approval. The Ford Foundation was put on MHA watch list in 2015 following a complaint by the Gujarat government that it was interfering in internal politics and funding anti-Indian interests but was removed a year later.

If Congress had its way, foreign funded mercenaries would try their best to subvert the democracy of the country.

One could go on and on about the million transgressions of the Congress party forever. But suffice it to say that if the Congress party had its way, Ishrat Jahan would be celebrated as a martyr.

If the Congress party had its way, Muslim women would continue to suffer from the misery of Triple Talaq till the end of eternity.

If the Congress party had its way, the Bhagva Dhwaj wouldn’t be synonymous with the aspirations of a billion people but be equated with the ISIS flag.

If the Congress party had its way, minorities would have the first claim to resources while Hindus are relegated to the status of second class citizens.

If Jawahar Lal Nehru, the founder of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty had his way, the Somnath Temple would not have been rebuilt.

Before pontificating on the threats that BJP rule allegedly poses, the Congress should take a moment that all these years they had their way and yet, a Hindu boy is murdered on the streets for chanting Vande Mataram. Even now, the Congress associates itself with rabid casteist bigots who fantasize about street wars. The citizens of this country have very little to fear of the BJP but immensely more of your attempts at fomenting divisions within the society with campaigns of ‘Minorities under threat’ based on fabrications and utter lies acting in cohort with your friends in the media.

If Congress had its way, just like Congress had its way for all these decades, people would wish that BJP could have its way again.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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