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Union government tells parliament it is working on new technologies such as Small Nuclear Reactors to make a clean energy transition

Government said that it is working on new technologies such as Small Nuclear Reactors to make clean energy transition

‘We view that as a great possibility’: India to be invited to the next trilateral summit by Israel, Greece, and Cyprus as they look...

Netanyahu also added that India's role has been viewed as a great possibility by all three countries. "All three countries view that as a great possibility, but they also see that this could lead to a connection between India, the Arabian peninsula, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Europe."

Modi govt to invite bids for auction of Lithium reserves found in Jammu and Kashmir by June: report

Citing a government official, Mint reported that like any other government auction, this will also be open to all, with one key condition: “The government will mandate that lithium is refined only in India and not sent abroad for processing.”

Suzlon Energy’s Tulsi Tanti passes away following a heart attack

Suzlon Energy's Tulsi Tanti suffered a cardiac arrest on 1st October 2022 and passed away on the same day.

Germany to restart coal power plants to conserve natural gas: Four years ago, German leaders had laughed at Donald Trump’s warning

Germany has decided to restart its coal power plants to conserve natural gas amid cutbacks from Russia over Ukraine war.

EAM S Jaishankar calls out Europe’s duplicity on Russian energy purchase and pressure on India, calls WSJ report false

Dr Jaishankar denied any truth in the report by the WSJ that India is readying for the transhipment of Russian oil to bypass sanctions.

Russian energy giant Gazprom halts supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, reports say EU trying to increase gas purchase in Roubles to help them

Russian media has reported that the European Union would be temporarily increasing its gas purchases from Russia through countries which are ready to do their payments in Russian Roubles to compensate for the demand of Poland and Bulgaria.

‘Russian oil cargoes that could not find European buyers are being bought by India’: Report

Lars Barstad, the CEO of a New York-listed tanker company has been quoted by the FT report as saying, "the discounts on the Russian Urals for India was about $25-30 per barrel. Freight rates would add only $3-4 per barrel, making the trade economic for India."

China: Apple and Tesla halt production amidst energy crisis. Here is what we know so far

Besides the new emission standards, the situation has been further aggravated due to coal supply shortage, and its high prices.

Adani Welspun discovers natural gas reserves in Mumbai’s Tapti-Daman sector

The significant find for AWEL was hailed by Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani on social media, adding that the discovery of natural gas reserves would shape the country's energy consumption in a remarkable manner.

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