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Rampant conversions by Missionaries underway in Hindu-majority Nepal, Christian population shot up by 68% in the last decade: Report

Christian Missionaries, particularly from South Korea, have set their eyes on expanding their evangelist activities in Nepal.

Mass conversion racket busted in Meerut: Christian evangelists lure 400 Hindus to convert, remove idols and threaten against performing puja

Christian missionaries allegedly forced, lured and coerced vulnerable Hindus into conversion in Meerut in UP

Chhattisgarh: Younger son, a convert, deceptively buries his Hindu father as per Christian rituals in exchange for money, elder son files complaint

In Chhattisgarh, a son of a Hindu man deceitfully buried his father's deceased body according to Christian customs rather than cremating it as per the Hindu rituals

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy govt launches free Drone Pilot training, placement program only for Christians and Muslims, BJP leader shares ad

BJP general secretary of Andhra Pradesh has taken to Twitter to share how the Jagan Reddy govt has launched a drone pilot training program only for Muslim and Christian candidates

Video of Christian prayers inside Gangavaram Ram temple goes viral, BJP leaders demand action, police deny

Video of Chrisitan missionary groups occupying a Hindu temple in Andhra Pradesh's Gangavaram and holding a congregation inside temple premises went viral

Delhi HC issues notice in plea filed by mother alleging indoctrination, forced conversion of her minor child by Christian missionary NGOs: Details

A mother of a minor child has accused social workers of Christian missionary NGOs namely Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief and Prayas of 'indoctrinating' her Hindu child into Christianity without her consent

As demand for justice for M Lavanya rises here are 19 cases where Missionaries have traumatised Hindu children

The tragic suicide of Tamil Nadu student M Lavanya is indeed a wake-up call. However, this is not the first case, many Hindu children have been facing harassment at Christian institutions across the country.

VHP protests against pastor Bajinder Singh’s ‘Healing Crusade’, Punjab CM Channi stays away from event: What VHP told OpIndia

VHP members protested against pastor Bajinder Singh' Healing Crusade program in Moga, Punjab barring many guests including CM Channi from attending the same

Karnataka: Govt to survey official and non-official Christian missionaries, takes first step to curb illegal conversions

BJP MLA Goolihatti Shekhar who was in news recently for raising the issue of rampant conversions in the assembly said that 40 per cent of the churches operating in the state are not officially recognised. 

Missionary Menace: SGPC launches drive in Punjab to counter evangelism, 50 detained in UP for mass conversions

The apex Sikh body have been receiving flak from within the community for not doing enough to “protect” the religion against rampant conversions by Christian Missionaries.

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