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Education counters extremism: The myth lies busted yet again as highly educated Kashmiri couple convicted over terror activities, ties with ISKP

Similar to the Kashmiri couple, many highly educated individuals have been found guilty of involvement in terrorism.

UK announces £95,000 package to combat Khalistani terror after Security Minister meets EAM S Jaishankar

United Kingdom's Security Minister Tom Tugendhat has announced funding of 95,000 Pounds, around ₹1 crore, to tackle Khalistani terrorism in the country.

Home Ministry approves extension of seven existing schemes helping victims of terrorism, Naxal violence and riots

The Modi government has decided to continue several schemes under the "Relief and Rehabilitation of Migrants and Repatriates" scheme for the period 2021-22 to 2025-26. A provision of a total of Rs.1,452 crore has been made by the government for the same.

A Hindu tweeting dislike for an ad is more dangerous than violent mob throwing stones, and radicals chopping off limbs, for ‘Liberals’

Radicals and fanatics are chopping off limbs, torching vehicles over allegations of 'blasphemy' but Hindus are branded terrorists because they did not like FabIndia ad.

Islamic Radicalisation and extremism main challenges to peace and security: Here is what PM Modi said at SCO summit

PM Modi said that SCO should develop a template to fight radicalisation and extremism based on foundation of moderate and progressive cultures

Organisation of Big Tech companies that operate anti-terror database labels BJP as non-violent extremist fringe group

GIFCT says that Level 1 Fringe Groups, under which BJP is listed, promote norms of purity, supremacy, domination, or revenge

Slain Pakistani Islamic terrorist Usman Khan had conned the Christian priest inside prison, convinced him of ‘change of heart’

Usman Khan was considered a ‘poster boy for deradicalisation’ following his release from prison after being convicted on charges of terrorism. Less than a year after his release, he went into a stabbing spree at an event where he was invited.

Election Commission bans Himanta Biswa Sarma from campaigning for saying Congress ally BPF chief will be jailed if he encourages extremism

Along with banning from campaigning, EC also banned Himanta Biswa Sarma from making any comment on media and social media

Sita Road in Pakistan renamed Rehmani Nagar after partition, strong winds blow off the iron sheet exposing the original name

Not only Sita Road, Pakistan has renamed many such roads and traditional places which were once named after Hindus

AMU students, who wanted to dig ‘Hindutva ki kabar’, now protest against French President for standing up to Jihad after ‘blasphemy’ beheadings

After chanting against Hindus the students in AMU have now started a protest French President Emmanuel Macron for his remarks against Islamic terrorism

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