Wednesday, July 28, 2021



Grooming Jihad: Murtaza became Mrityunjay to lure a Hindu girl, forced her to convert to Islam. Details

Murtaza became Mrityunjay to lure a Hindu girl into a relationship, threatened to leak obscene photos and videos, as per the report.

Grooming Jihad: Father of 7 children Abid poses as ‘Inspector Aditya’, blackmails, marries Hindu woman and forcefully converts to Islam

Abid Hawari posed as police officer Aditya Singh to cheat Hindu women in Uttar Pradesh.

Media takes false viral story about ‘Muslim hero’ at face value, but resorts to fake claims to prove deceased RSS worker a liar

The mainstream media is not only disproportionately signal-boosting 'Muslim hero' stories but also denigrating genuine heroes who happen to be from the RSS to serve a political agenda.

‘Band of liars’: Isha Foundation calls for a clean social media space, asks Twitter to take action against deliberate lies and slander

The Tweets by Isha Foundation were in context to fake land grabbing charges that the Foundation has been facing for years.

62 celebrities write an open letter to point out hypocrisy of the ‘achievers’ who wrote an open letter on ‘rising intolerance’

The celebrities assert that they are confident that India shall continue to develop and progress without paying heed to the ones with those who want to destabilise the country.

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