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Famers protests

Haryana: 80 ‘farmers’ detained on their way to Delhi, protestors gear up with gas masks, bulldozers, modified tractors despite police and HC orders

The farmers in the Punjab Haryana border who are gearing up to reach Delhi to talk to the government over the guaranteed MSP issues, have begun donning gas masks and fortified gear to face the police. This is a week after the farmers failed to cross the border given the heavy police presence.

Meena Harris descends into madness, lies, furthers The Quint’s propaganda and admits that her rant is about fanning an insurrection in India: Read how

The niece of USA Vice President Kama Harris, Meena Harris, has been tweeted unhinged ever since the 'toolkit' was tweeted by Greta Thunberg

The ‘Kisan Long March’ seems to be far from a spontaneous, neutral farmer’s protest

Spontaneous rally or a planned show of strength by the communists?

Two Samajwadi Party workers arrested for hurling potatoes in Lucknow

The two persons arrested are allegedly close to former CM of UP, Akhilesh Yadav.

Mandsaur protests – what led to the current mess in Madhya Pradesh

The farmers protests in Madhya Pradesh has become violent and now Rahul Gandhi has jumped in the issue.

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