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The Congress party with their misadventures and the politics of farm loan waivers seems to be in the middle of a severe crisis
Congress government in Rajasthan have now started playing politics over their incapability of fulfilling their pre-poll promise of farm loan waiver.
Despite the farm loan waiver scheme, the farmer suicide seems to be on a rise.
The problems for the farmers in Congress-ruled Madhya Pradesh only seems to be on the rise
The local farmer union has claimed that many farmers are distressed in the state as their loans do not meet the terms and conditions set by the Congress government to obtain a waiver.
In December, two farmers in Karnataka committed suicide due to inability to repay their loan debts
Nachhatar was reportedly under severe mental stress over his outstanding loan and hence consumed poison in his fields.
Rahul Gandhi must answer these questions on the tall promises he had made to farmers
This is the third incident of a farmer committing suicide in the state of Madhya Pradesh as earlier two farmers had ended their lives after the newly elected Congress govt headed by Kamal Nath failed to clear their farm loans
In actual implementation of farm loan waiver by Congress governments, there are too many conditions, and many farmers are excluded
This is the second case of farmer suicide in Madhya Pradesh despite Congress government's 'loan waiver schemes'.
The report suggests that there is no clear timeline yet on how to proceed regarding the loan-waiver scheme and it will take a lot more time than expected to distribute loan waiver certificates to the farmers.
The Dalits and Tribals were forced to toil for 19 hours a day with no wages.
As Karnataka is ready to go for polls this summer, Congress will face its biggest electoral test as it is the only large state where it is in power. While Rahul Gandhi may have latched on to the agenda of questioning development under the Modi government, governance seems to be the Congress’ Achilles heel in Karnataka. With almost 5 years of a stable government, Congress had failed to deliver on almost all fronts and will most likely face the ire of the electorate over the missed opportunities. For all the Congress’ rhetoric on farmer welfare, farmers in Karnataka have benefitted...
Media hype and twisting of facts lead to a sensationalised story.
A Critical look at the Farmer Suicides data
AAP can not run away from these questions on Gajendra Singh's unfortunate and unnatural death.
Gajendra Singh, a man who wore many turbans, was a trader, a sarpanch, and an aspiring politician.

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