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CM Pinarayi Vijayan and his ministers are accused of wrongful use of the Kerala flood relief fund.
Opposition parties tried to project a routine procedure as an example of centre's injustice towards Kerala
Helicopters have made several sorties from Gangtok and Sevoke evacuating around a hundred people, including a pregnant woman
Udit Raj, the BJP MP from Delhi (North-West) had stated that people of Kerala should protest on the streets demanding the wealth from Hindu temples to be donated for flood relief work.
Though standard operating procedures were followed incessant rains in the last three months left the state defenceless
Social media came together to restore our faith in humanity
Pinarayi Vijayan went on to use this platform to clear the fallacy which had been envisaged by several propagandists to meet their political agenda
80 dams were opened at same time instead of gradually opening the dams in drier times
The migrant workers were considered 'least priority' by some when it came to relief and rescue
Only those who celebrate floods are sharks who syphon off free funds and donations. They must be identified and called out.
The current ongoing heavy rainfall has resulted in severe flood like situations in Kerala and some parts of Karnataka
The Indian armed forces along with coast guard and NDRF have been ordered to deploy all additional resources for Kerala floods.
23 people have reportedly died so far, many highways and railway tracks submerged, thousands of people are stranded
This was his shortest Independence Day speech among the four he has delivered.
From allegations of political violence to counter allegations of fake drama, Rahul Gandhi's tour saw it all.
For the Congress, a Rajya Sabha seat may be more important than the state
According to the RTI, Kohli was paid Rs 49.19 lakhs for a 60 sec promotional video.
Every problem has a solution, just that one must try to solve
Delhi is not getting basic necessities while Kejriwal is busy scouting other regions
Media's response to #ChennaiFloods, Apathy to Incompetence
A Bihari shows howBihar has been neglected for decades

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